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Lift Your Spirits With So Soon's New Single, "Rest"

Photo Credit: Daniel Sax

Hailing from Giessen, Germany, is singer-songwriters and producers So Soon with their latest ethereal and introspective single, "Rest."

So Soon is multi-instrumentalists and producers David Stöbener and Marco Braun. Together, they create multi-layered music with a touch of personal lyricism. Their songs are incredibly honest and reflect on the idea of growing up through temporary emotional states, spontaneous impulses, and themes of despair, hope, and joy.

Now, So Soon brings those themes to life in one compact and chilling single, "Rest." They also released a psychedelic lyric video for the piece, helping listeners sing along to this cathartic and emotional piece. Both Stöbener and Braun bring such mesmerizing sounds and vocals to this piece, and we're sure it will take their careers to new peaks.

Diving headfirst into "Rest," the song smoothly opens with pulsating synth arrangements that glitter and gleam into the first verse. As Stöbener's bright and emotional vocals pour through our speakers, he sets the scene with lyrics about knowing how the story goes, even though it might not go your way from time to time. But at the end of the day, "Rest" is necessary.

So Soon later blasts the speakers with a wailing electric guitar solo that ramps up the energy and alternative feel. It's safe to say that So Soon's sound is dynamic and versatile, as they perfectly present that within this catchy and euphoric piece. It offers hints of Tame Impala meets Oliver Tree, but with So Soon's authentic and chilling twist.

Do yourself a favor and catch some needed "Rest" with help from the sweet sonics in So Soon's latest single, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, So Soon. We're very impressed with the diverse and unique sounds in your new single, "Rest." What inspired the song's theme and concept?

Marco: Hello from our side! First of all, thank you so much for these kind words and for having us on BuzzMusic. We are super excited that we get such amazing feedback and that an awesome music magazine from the US wants to write about us.

David: The song “Rest“ basically is a mantra to ourselves or to anyone who is willing to listen. It’s about being caught in prescribed life models in a world where there are so many possibilities that one feels overwhelmed by everything. The world moves so fast that our bodies and especially minds are constantly in motion and we forget to take care of ourselves. The song is a reminder to do exactly that: take care of yourself and rest.

Could you expand on what the Giessen music scene is like? How does your duo stand out amid all the talented acts in your city?

David: I would say we are not exclusively located in Giessen. We are mostly rehearsing in Wiesbaden and often produce at different places, for example in our childhood hometown in the South of Germany or at our friend’s studio in Cologne. Nonetheless, Giessen has a lot of music-related things going on. The university where we both studied, a bunch of festivals and concerts, some techno clubs and a lot of nice bands and musicians that are well known like OK KID or L‘aupaire.

Marco: Due to covid-19 we didn’t really have the chance to actively participate in the local music scene as So Soon. But we will be playing a really nice festival in the city in June alongside some other phenomenal German acts. A thing that sets us apart from other acts is that we have known each other for such a long time. We went to high school together; we studied together; we lived together and we’re just very good friends. Both of us play multiple instruments so we can basically do all the production on our own. Also, the overall sound and texture hopefully make our music unique and stand out.

What was your creative process like for "Rest?" How did your duo go about creating your production, instrumentals, and lyrics?

Marco: It started with this textural drone that can be heard in the intro of the song. Right away, there was a certain forward motion and we kind of knew that this was going somewhere. Then I grabbed my guitar and the first thing I played was these 3 chords. They are arranged in a 3 bar phrase which is rather unusual, but somehow it’s not really obvious or distracting...and I didn’t write it that way on just happened. Next, we added the drums and improvised some possible melody lines over the chords. We just looped what we already had and I came up with this little solo guitar part. The song kind of created its own momentum and we knew how it had to be structured and what it should sound like. We added a lot of sound layers with synthesizers, additional guitars, and other textural sounds. Most of that is just recording a lot of different stuff and then trying to find out what sounds cool and fits the mood of the song. After finishing the production, we had a friend from Cologne mix our already premixed version of the song. For the lyrics, I had some lines and ideas sketched up in my notebook and brought them to the session when we wanted to record David’s lead vocal parts. Together with our drummer Jonathan, we tweaked the lines to fit the melody and added some other parts.

Did you want listeners to think or feel anything after hearing "Rest?" What did you want them to experience?

David: We ourselves got so much out of other people’s music that we just want to create similar moments and capture different things in the framework of a song. It’s very cool when people can connect to our music and the stuff that is being said in the lyrics. But “Rest“ was first of all a reminder to ourselves, something that we realized we should do more often. If anyone can identify with that and profit from what we have to say, that is awesome, but we don’t see ourselves as some kind of preachers that discovered a certain truth. It’s almost like we try to put things we experience into songs so we can understand them better ourselves. As far as the listening experience goes, we really try to create our songs in a way so you can discover new stuff after listening to them multiple times. We’re sometimes a little obsessed with details. So overall a nice reaction to the song “Rest“ would be something like, "What was that? I want to listen to it again!"

What's next for you?

The next thing coming up is the release of our third single and our EP in June. We are also playing some shows and festivals in Germany during the summer which is super exciting. The biggest thing coming up will probably be the recording session for our album. We already have the songs but kind of need to shape them and re-record a lot of stuff that doesn’t sound as good as we want it to sound. We are really looking forward to the next few months and are very excited about where this journey leads us.


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