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Lift Your Spirits With Splash’N Boots’ New Album, 'I Am Love'

Sprinkling some hope, love, and joy into your days is Toronto-based JUNO Award-winning children's group Splash'N Boots with their latest spirited and uplifting 10-track album entitled I Am Love.

Canadian parents and those with younger siblings know all Splash'N Boots. With 7.5 million career streams and over 5,000 shows across North America, Nick Adams and Taes Leavitt's music has become a staple soundtrack for children everywhere.

Splash'N Boots provides a sense of community and joy with every tune, and the entire I Am Love album is no exception. The duo says it provides a safe space for children and encourages them to have fun, express their emotions, and grow into brave and generous people. Whether you're a wide-eyed child or a supportive parent, this heartwarming and catchy album can boost anyone.

"I Think I'm Pretty Great" opens the album on a playful and confessional note, where both sides of Splash'N Boots instantly uplift the listener into a state of confidence and self-acceptance alongside jolly instrumentals. Later on, we see tracks like "I See You" and "B R A V E," teaching children to know their strengths and how loved they truly are.

Splash'N Boots kick up the energy in fun-loving tracks like "For You" with foot-stomping drums and a bluesy harmonica. Calmer, slower songs like "Around You" focus on appreciating the ones we love. Finally, Splash'N Boots melts our hearts on the outro track, "May You Grow," with a courageous, melodic, and cinematic experience that any listener can appreciate.

Parents, tots, and teens alike can all take something away from Splash'N Boots' heartfelt, playful, and uplifting new album; I Am Love. Find the new record on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Splash'N Boots. Congratulations on releasing your latest uplifting album, I Am Love. What inspires your duo to continuously write encouraging and motivational children's albums like I Am Love?

Thanks so much! We have always been inspired by children when writing our albums. This one was no different. We listened to the parents and kids during these last two years and wanted to write an album that would resonate with the whole family.

What makes I Am Love different from your previous albums? Are there any specific themes you focussed on within this record?

I think the focus of this album is truly to help children know they are enough and are so loved. I heard one parent describe this album as free therapy for kids without them knowing. In the past, we may have written more about pirates and fruit, which are great themes, but this album takes on a more loving approach to each song and dives into the fabric of feeling and feelings.

What is your duo's creative process like? What was your collaborative experience writing and recording I Am Love?

I (Nick, aka Splash) will bring song ideas to Taes (Boots), and we will go from there. She will either give it the green light or pause slightly, and I know that it's a no-go. Lol. I work well under pressure, so when our manager gave us studio recording time, I think I wrote and finished four songs in three days before heading into the studio. With the amazing musicians, we bring in to play. We are very open to letting them do their ‘thing.’ We love working with talented and creative people; it’s a must for the energy to write while recording.

What impact do you hope to make on young or old listeners with the album I Am Love? What do you hope this album offers listeners?

My hope is that children and parents feel comfort while listening to this album. We put our hearts into these songs, and the response has been very positive and relatable. We are often the soundtrack to children falling asleep; that's something we take very seriously, so hope there’s a sense of security and calmness that this album offers.


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