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Lightweight Literate Showcases Undeniable Talent In “Beast Side”

Powerhouse hip-hop artist Lightweight Literate was born and raised in the suburbs of a small town called Yuba City in California. Lightweight’s music reflects a “silver spoon” upbringing contrary to the average rapper. Many artists pride themselves on the struggle, but Lightweight finds pride in the support of his loving family and fans. Primarily delivering melodic choruses and aggressive verse, Lightweight Literate proves with each new track he is constantly striving to improve his craft and expand his fan base. Lightweight appears to have a continuing trend of paying homage to his heroes with each project name. Lightweight hits different pockets with each track to keep his music diverse and detailed with hard hitting tracks like “Squad Deep ft. Ozer ” or “First Label ft. Overflow” to more emotional tracks such as “Brother” or “Hatchet ft. Jared De Mariano”. The smooth and confident sound of Lightweight Literate reignites in collaboration with yourmomlikesmymusic for this latest release “Beast Side”. Offering up a series of energetic and multi-layered hip hop tracks, “Beast Side” deals with hard-hitting bars and quick verses. 

It leads with a relentless vocal outpouring and a quickly likeable groove. Fine production by Lezter lets the music stand tall, a strong mix means you can turn this up and engage with the energy of each soundscape as much as the personality and storylines at the heart of the writing. The concepts and the moods set by the music intrigue and appeal. The flow and the passion in Lightweight Literate’s words are completely immersive and addictive to listen to. The colorful video is worth a watch to enjoy the full experience of escapism and hone in on every word. Lightweight Literate is known to offer something refreshing and undoubtedly welcome in contemporary hip-hop. Absolutely worth a download and a few streams at volume as the long nights flow through.

Check out “Beast Side” here and read more with Lightweight Literate in our exclusive interview below! 

Hey Lightweight Literate! Welcome to BuzzMusic, how did you create your stage name? 

I don't even remember to be honest, but I knew I wanted something to stand out. Came upon LL.

Can you dive into the meaning of the lyrics in “Beast Side”? What does this track represent for you?

If you really listen to the chorus, it's a rage against my brother leaving to the "east side" of the United States. It brought out my beast side feeling abandoned I guess. As far as the verse I'm really out here just tryna showcase my lyrical ability that everyone doubted I had. I can bring a variety of different flows and tempos.

How did your collaboration with yourmomlikesmymusic come about? Can we expect more from you two in the future? 

We promoted our music with the same youtube influencer. He reached out to me looking to collaborate and I'm so glad he did. He is a brilliant artist and has been such an inspiration to me the past year........ We have collab mixtape in the works.

If you had to pick just one song in your collection to adequately describe your sound, which song would you choose and why?

My track "Old Mind" off my latest mixtape showcases everything out of me as an artist. My singing, lyrics, rapping, emotion, and skill. Its a slept on track, you should really give it a listen. You can see the craft in the track/

What do you hope to achieve as a hip-hop artist through the end of 2019?

Getting higher paid shows, more butts in seats, growing in quality with each drop, and working with some of my heroes.


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