Lil Chong Releases Latin Hip Hop Single “Señorita”

From Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Lil Chong is an 18-year-old rapper who is motivated to climb the hip hop ladder as he continues to improve. He is assessed with Royalty and Respect Music Management, and has already been featured on WorldStar. Despite his early success at such a young age, Lil Chong has set some large goals for himself that he is determined to accomplish. He is currently working on his debut album which is set to drop in May 2020, but has recently released a catchy single “Señorita.” 

Lil Chong’s “Señorita” is a high energy track that fuses aspects of Latin dance and hip hop genres. It starts off with a single keyboard melody which is soon replaced by a dance beat and a rapping verse from Lil Chong. He then switches back and forth between English and Spanish raps. The melody and beat throughout “Señorita” create a Latin style track that is ideal for a Cha-Cha or Salsa dance. With bilingual lyrics, Lil Chong adheres to audiences from various cultures. Lyrically, Lil Chong sings about living in the moment with a special “Señorita” without the stress of future commitments. The song encompasses a message of enjoying a night and not focusing on the consequences of tomorrow. “Señorita” would be a perfect song to forget responsibilities and have a memorable night out with friends. In general, “Señorita” is a quick-paced track that will have Lil Chong’s fans dancing and enjoying the benefits of the present moment.

Check out "Senorita" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Lil Chong! We loved the high energy of “Senorita!” Can you tell us more about the message behind your lyrics?

Thank you, for having me! and well Señorita is just about how like females just be coming and going as you see them one day they see you doing good that you're living your best life on top of the world like you're having a good time and they just come around you when you have money; also when you're getting lots of attention. On my friend's verse he says that we don't need them that we just fuck them and leave that we just mainly focused on getting a bag, but in my verse its more like that but it's like more of a sex experience that I had and the experience I had with a girl that I was talking too at the time. The message I can say I'm putting out there is focus on getting a bag and don't chase a female that's not going to be there for a long time cause at these years of your life you're at your prime and you just got to have a lot of fun.  

Being a young artist, you clearly discovered your passion for music early in life. Could you tell us a bit about how and why you decided to become a rapper?

Well I took a passion in music when I was in Elementary School when my Dad who is Hispanic would listen to rock and mental would try getting me to like it and started to help me play the electric guitar, when I was little I used to play the Violin I was in the 1st grade and I enjoyed it I played in school concerts and all but later on, I transferred to a catholic school and there was no type of programs I would want to join in that involved playing an instrument I was going to 5th grade. So being the 12 year old I was I would write rhymes in my notebook and write songs that no one knew about I would be one of those kids that would have pens and start tapping on the desk and making a beat out of it and disrupting the class; I also sports like Basketball and Football I wanted to play football for my life but then I transferred again to a Middle School later on I started to teach myself how to play the piano in 8th grade and started playing basic songs on it and I would have fun with it, later on I was a freshman in High School my friends and I were in art class and we talked about what we wanted to be when we grow up everybody said what they wanted to be and I made my decision in middle school when I was in 8th grade, and well I told my friends I wanted to be a rapper and who I would really look up too was Wiz Khalifa, Ice Cube , Mac Miller and a couple of rock bands like Guns & Roses also Nirvana later on fast forward to my Sophomore year I finally saved up enough money to buy my own setup and I dropped my first two songs and everyone loved them and that's when I knew that this Is what I wanted to do and this is my passion that this is my destiny. 

As an 18-year-old rapper, you are still at the very beginning of your musical career. We know you have set large goals for yourself as an artist, can you tell us about a few of those?

I know that not a lot of people don't make it be an artist and follow their dreams and they usually give up so I set those goals for myself to remind myself that I will make it with a very positive mindset. Also, the most important thing is to do it through God because I believe anything is possible if you involve God in your life and have him set a road for yourself to walk through in order to get where you want to be I do this because I want this not only for myself but for my family to pay their debts and live there "American Dream" that they always talk about. I also set there large goals for myself because I was told by other people that it wouldn't be possible for me to make it as in artist so I'm here to show the people that dislike me and those who look up to me that everything/anything is possible; I was never the type of person to give up and doubt myself and I was I always told two things one was if you really want to this certain thing like you have a dream is to always put your mind into it another is that to always for the sky well I'm not trying to reach for the sky... I'm always the person to go above and beyond so I'm gonna reach for the stars. a message I want to include is if you have a dream, vision, or something you really believe in just chase and ignore the negativity around and better yourself also have God lead that path for you to be successful don't give up, and go above and beyond.  

You included both English and Spanish lyrics in “Señorita.” Why did you choose to create a bilingual song? Which audiences are you trying to target?

Señorita is the first song that I made to be bilingual and since I'm Hispanic mixed Asian, I wanted to expand my audience and target people who enjoy that style of music of a dancehall vibe I do have one rather like that one in my upcoming album "ChongDynasty" and my album is really diverse in other styles and different flows of music that will target other types of audiences.