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Lil Ken Kills It In His New Hit “Monster”

Lil Ken Is an American Rapper from Tampa, Florida. Lil Ken has a compelling background story. He was raised by his mother after his father was incarcerated when he was a child. Growing up in the projects of Oakhurst located in West Tampa, Florida. Lil Ken watched his mother struggle to make ends meet, and to provide for their family. His mom moved the family to a better side of Tampa, so he could have more opportunities in life. Lil Ken took full advantage of this with his opportunities for both football and music. Lil Ken started rapping in 2018 about his families struggles, his love for fashion, and his everyday life. He now attends Duke University on a football scholarship, and is one of the hottest upcoming rappers from Tampa, Florida!

Lil Ken released his single titled “Monster” and this beat is BANGING. Lil Ken wastes no time to give you a detailed rap hit. The lyrics were fire. Pure catchy, mixed with hard-hitting bars and relatable punchlines. The aggressive energy was perfect to keep the listener headbanging with the song. The polished record was a good track to showcase the boldness and professionalism in Lil Ken’s artistry. The striking beat captivates you but it doesn’t compare to the stratospheric energy of his delivery. With a satisfying arrangement, and a transporting atmosphere, Lil Ken is representing the new age hip-hop culture to its fullest. He’s a rapper who undeniably knows he has the talent to make it to the end. What’s fascinating about Lil Ken is how he overcame his past obstacles and challenges, and didn’t let the story dim his light. A bright kid with an even brighter future, Lil Ken is on his way to success.

Listen to "Monster" here and get to know more about Lil Ken below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Lil Ken! Your upbringing is compelling. In what ways have your background impacted your music and style?

My upbringing and hometown influences my music. A lot of my family fell victim to the struggle and or the system. Being raised my a single mom, dad being sentenced to prison for 15 years. The struggle, the pain, the glory all influence my music.

Tell us about the record “Monster”. What does this reflect?

"Monster" represents my life, lifestyle, and the belief I have in myself in this business. Beginning of the song I let you know that "I been popping, I don't see no one stopping me, I'm at the rim ain't no blocking me" and I really believe in that verse. Lil Ken is here and bodying every beat like a Monster. Then I rap about my lifestyle, and some lines about my childhood. All my music is authentic, the real Lil Ken.

What inspired you to write this song? And in what ways was it challenging?

It really wasn't a challenge, once I found the right beat, my delivery on the beat, it was all creativity at that point. Just my determination and passion to be successful and for my story to be heard. Is what inspired me to write this song. Finally using my talents "They done woke up a Monster"

Is there any specific style of music you categorize yourself in?

Hip Hop/ Rap

What’s next for you?

Well right now, my team and I are currently still pushing and promoting my very first EP, "Blind Eyes EP". Which is on all platforms. This summer should be big for me, working on my second tape hopefully to be releasing that early July. A lot of traveling and networking. More connections and overall just grind.


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