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Lil Mike Doesn't Hold Back in Thrilling Single, "periodT"

Michael Jones, known artistically as Lil Mike, is beyond ready to share his talents with the music industry. Ever since the young age of 11, Lil Mike has known that music served a grander purpose in his life. Fast-forward to current times, and Lil Mike continues to advance his sound and career by crafting contemporary, hip/hop-inspired songs that feature the most popular aspects of the genre itself.

Lil Mike released his latest track, titled "periodT," which featured artists Lil B and Pak, and together, the three created raw, riveting energy. With Lil Mike's confident flow, one can tell that he embedded a strategy whilst constructing the atmosphere of the song.

"periodT" has a fast-paced, poignant, and deep underlying beat, encapsulating all of the favorite modern-day rap styles. Beyond the feel of the song, Lil Mike adds a ton of lyrical depth within his music, as there's always a lesson to take away from his anecdotes. The same went for "periodT," and that's all we'll give away for now. His lines are powerful, and truly each contributing artist delivers their lines with a certain tenacity that works to strengthen the overall message.

Lil Mike, all we can do for now is wait for more of your charismatic intensity in future music to come.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Lil Mike. The release of "periodT" was pretty recent, and it incorporated many fan-favorites. How did you go about executing the vision you had for this particular single?

Hey what’s up, it’s an honor being on this platform again. I reached out to Lil B and Pak to see if they were interested in getting on the record with me. I didn’t know that this record was going to be a feature at the time. I recorded my verse and I sent it to them. I knew I wanted someone that touched foot in the industry and I wanted something different.

How was your experience collaborating with artists Lil B and Pak? How did the two artists aid in bringing your vision for "periodT" to light? It was a good experience working with them both. Their work ethic is crazy! They both brought new energy to the record in each verse. That’s what I was looking for on this record. I wanted another artist to bring new energy.

What kind of response were you hoping to garner from your listening base with the release of "periodT?"

I didn’t think about the response I would receive. I was of course hoping for positive feedback, but I always brace myself for anything to occur. I was inspired to write and record from the mindset of being the best and letting it be known. I wanted to showcase my competitiveness with rapping.

Are there any surprises your listening base can expect to hear with future music to come?

Yes. I have some surprises, BIG surprises! I have some big names on my future projects. That’s all I can speak on.

What's next for you?

What’s next is I just released a cover record from Kendrick Lamar's “Heaven & Hell” (Remix) produced by Tommy Black, and also soon I’ll be releasing something called “PodCast Freestyle. So stay tuned.


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