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Lilly Marshall Invites Us To Explore The Many Possibilities Of Life In New Release, “Unhinged"

The New Jersey native channels the power of the outdoors to take you on an enticing musical adventure.

With her ear for catchy melodies, penchant for adventure, and unparalleled enthusiasm for life, Lily Marshall has already skillfully positioned herself as a rising star in the indie-folk scene. With a musical approach that reflects an almost reverential love for exploration and the boundless opportunities life offers, Marshall has managed to both channels and find solace in open spaces. With her eyes set firmly on the good things to come, the future looks bright for this rising star.

Marshall credits her upbringing for sparking and initially fueling her artistic fire. Raised on the New Jersey shoreline, Marshall frequently accompanied her mother to the legendary Stone Pony venue and New Orleans. Drawing inspiration from various artists such as Grace Potter and Caamp, Marshall has skillfully woven a sonic tapestry that’s easy on listeners' ears. Her willingness to embrace the endless possibilities of her music has collided with her significant musical talent, making for a listening experience that’s sure to impress.

“Unhinged,” Marshall’s latest release, has all the makings of an indie rock classic. From the moment the song starts with the openings of a spunky keyboard, drum, and guitar, Marshall lulls you into a soundscape that channels the warmth of nature and the open road. As she enthusiastically sings, “Let’s live, let’s live,” it’s hard not to get swept up in her enthusiasm and seemingly inexhaustible love for life. Much like a therapeutic highway, Marshall’s music is like a warm invitation that beckons you toward a musical journey with infinite possibilities.

Marshall’s philosophy is simple yet profound: seize every opportunity, explore every place, and feel everything—from the intoxicating euphoria of love to the heart-wrenching pain of loss. Whenever you’re ready to embrace the beauty of the unknown, tap in and stream Lilly Marshall’s new release, “Unhinged,” available now on all major streaming platforms.


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