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Lily Rhodes is "Calling To Say," Her Deepest Thoughts in Latest Song Offering

Indie/Folk singer and songwriter Lily Rhodes is here to show off her soulful, thoughtful vocals with new music. Lily Rhodes has always had a passion for eclectic-sounding music, hoping to instill an exclusive element to her own sound by pairing her songs with specific instrumental styles. Her voice is most definitely stirring, bringing many emotions to light by its very vibrato, which gets beautifully captured in her latest project, "Calling To Say".

"Calling To Say" really tests the limits of Lily Rhodes's vocal range. She brings many fruitful melodies to light, simply with her vocal performance alone. The instrumentals are soft and light, almost humming in the background of her song, which allows an unplugged atmosphere to take flight. By maintaining a charismatic vocal presence throughout the song, Lily Rhodes can hypnotize listeners, keeping them infatuated with the harmonies within "Calling To Say". It's without a doubt that Lily Rhodes's playful yet emotive-filled persona works to create a certain allure.

Now, let's dive deeper into the narrative within "Calling To Say," because it's one worth elaborating on. Lily Rhodes delivers a beautifully written love song with "Calling To Say," and if you focus on the content of the song, you'll quickly understand why she has so many powerful emotions behind her voice. The song ventures into the heartache that transpires once love is lost, as well as all of those painful thoughts that surface. All in all, Lily Rhodes delivered in many more ways than one with the release of "Calling To Say," and she left us simply wanting more.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Lily Rhodes, and congratulations on releasing "Calling To Say," your heart-wrenching, love-inspired single. How did it feel to write this particular song, considering the variable emotions involved?

Writing “Calling To Say” was an intensely emotional process, which is one of the reasons why I questioned whether or not I should release the song. I wrote the first draft of “Calling To Say” as a scripted voicemail for my ex-boyfriend, although I never dared to call him. At age seventeen, when our relationship ended, I felt confused and angry, however, as time passed, my view of the relationship softened. I realized that although our love wasn’t perfect, I was grateful for his friendship, and the bond I established with his family. Writing and producing ‘Calling To Say’ allowed me to reminisce about our past and wish my ex-boyfriend and his family the best. I finally have closure, and I have moved on.

If there's one message for each and every listener to take away from "Calling To Say," which are you hoping it would be?

I hope every person who listens to “Calling To Say” realizes the importance of self-reflection and friendship. When I was younger, I blamed many (platonic and romantic) relationship problems on the other person involved. As I near my twentieth birthday, I recognize the importance of reflecting on your actions and treasuring the bonds you form with other people. Life is too short to hold grudges against others.

How would you describe the way that "Calling To Say" allowed your listeners to understand you better, both as an artist and as an individual?

“Calling To Say” allows listeners to re-live a personal story of young love, heartbreak, and the important friendships we develop in life. I want my music to signify emotional growth and self-development. We are all flawed individuals who attempt to learn from our mistakes in life, which is what every song I create is about, at its core.

Was there anyone else involved in the writing or recording process that helped bring your ultimate vision to light in "Calling To Say?"

My friend and fellow musician Evan Cieplik contributed bass, guitar, and drums to the song to compliment my emotional lyrics, soulful vocals, and lo-fi production style.


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