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Lindsay Kaye Has Something To Say In “Dear Lord”

From Virginia to California, singer-songwriter and expressive recording artist Lindsay Kaye throws her hands to the powers above with her latest single, "Dear Lord."

Lindsay Kaye knew from age five that performing was in her blood. The triple-threat always found something magical about being on stage, leading her to venture out west to chase her dreams. Influenced by Taylor Swift and Julia Michaels, Lindsay Kaye strives to leave the same connected and relatable impact on her audience as her two influences.

She brings us into an honest and inspirational song of prayer with her latest single, "Dear Lord," that's quite literally music to the ears. This single expands on life's peaks and valleys, with emphasis on the valleys. Kaye touches on keeping faith in the Creator above and knowing that he is the light at the end of every tunnel.

Elaborating on "Dear Lord," the experience begins with a delicate piano melody that rains down from above. Lindsay Kaye wastes no time making this track personal and emotional by apologizing right off the bat through gentle and serene harmonies. Moving into her verse, she pleads to God to take away her pain and help her see-through life's dark moments.

As we continue through this gentle and emotional piece, we're met with the addition of cinematic and chilling background strings for a pillow of serenity and comfort. Lindsay Kaye's vocal harmonies are so bright and refreshing, making it an incredibly wholesome listening experience that reminds us to keep faith when we're down and out.

Bow your head and reflect on the powers that keep us sane with Lindsay Kaye's newest single, "Dear Lord," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Lindsay Kaye. We genuinely appreciate such a hopeful and wholesome single like "Dear Lord." What inspired you to create this vulnerable and emotional song of prayer?

I was inspired to write this song after reading When a Woman Discovers Her Dream by Cindi McMenamin. I felt called to write and sing a song for God.

What was your songwriting process like for "Dear Lord?" Was it easy for you to write such personal and intimate lyrics?

I felt inclined to use my personal prayers as inspiration for this single. It felt really natural to sing out my prayers.

Why did you choose to keep the instrumentals for "Dear Lord" so organic and cinematic? Do you usually create piano-centered and string-heavy instrumentals like these?

This was my first time creating a piano-centered piece with strings. My inspiration came from the song “You Say” by Lauren Daigle.

What impact do you hope "Dear Lord" has on your audience?

I hope this song will help my listeners feel hopeful if they’re going through a hard or dark time. I hope it reminds them that God is always there and will work things out for their good.

What's next for you?

I’m currently recording another single that I hope to release by the end of the summer.


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