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Lindsey Asks For Help During Dark Times In, “Save Me”

Hailing from Nashville, the alternative rock artist Lindsey releases her new single “Save Me,” where she puts her musical genius and vulnerability as a person.

Lindsey believes that music has the power to bring people together by showing them how vulnerable to topics we all share and could confront through art. Thus, her lyrics are honest and relatable. Her sensibility enhances her songwriting through poetry and the influence of artists like Evanescence, The Cranberries, and Paramore.

“Save Me” is the result of Lindsey trying to make her way through emotional and material dark times using music as her sword and shield. “Save Me” talks about overcoming personal challenges and the resilience to build a new life from the ashes of what disappeared. But it is not always possible to do it alone; you sometimes need to ask for a friendly hand.

When “Save Me” starts, the drums and a distorted guitar seconds Lindsey’s powerful voice as it makes silence after every chord to highlight Lindsey’s words. Then the guitar continuously pulses as the drums mark the rhythm with a clapping sound that adds weight to the song's dark ambiance. Simultaneously, Lindsey’s vocals sound as emotional as energizing.

You need to watch the video and drink from the symbolism of Lindsey burning the physical place where the shadows of the dark times reside. People have hurt them, made her change as she gives “Save Me” space for silence to emerge from it with a burst of energy that takes the hype to the top, letting out the pain and musical mastery.

“Save Me” is climatic and powerful. Hit the play button and sing (or scream) along to discharge your heavy heart.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Lindsey. How has writing “Save Me” helped you to overcome your personal challenges?

Hey! Thank you for having me. Writing “Save Me” helped me to put into words the rescue I needed in my life. I am no longer someone who gives up easily or accepts defeat. I am a fighter and someone who has overcome my struggles because I have come to know who I am in Christ.

How did writing “Save Me” help you grow as an artist?

Creating “Save Me” helped me figure out the kind of artist I want to be, not just musically but lyrically. I want to use my platform to speak about hard topics and invite hope into a realm where hope may feel impossible.

What would you say is the most challenging part of asking for help?

The hardest part of asking for help was simply saying those three words, “I need help”. Admitting that I couldn’t do this alone, but also afraid of what change looked like.

Do you think music could encourage people to ask for help during hard emotional times?

Absolutely. I believe music is a powerful gift that can help start conversations that are necessary to have. Vulnerability gives way to the reliability, and we all just want to be seen and heard at the end of the day. Vulnerability in music is important.


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