Linnéa is on Her Way to International Stardom!

Linnéa's career has taken a full spin after the release of her first international single “I Always Knew”. She reached more than 6000 listeners and was added to Spotify’s ’Discover Weekly’ in less than a month. Right now, Linnéa is preparing for writing sessions and recordings in both Stockholm and the UK where she will be working with some really successful producers and songwriters. Alongside this project, she’s rehearsing with her new band for their live shows in Sweden. On December 6th, she released the acoustic live version of ’I always knew’ on YouTube. Linnéa is obviously not accepting average and she’s always expanding her artistry, fan-base, and sound! This is a highly important characteristic of an artist, that’s a must-have.

Linnéa embarks on an exploratory journey within her music that allows her to roam freely with her songwriting and production of her music. Linnéa has a timeless voice that will be remembered from a mile away which makes her extra special. The moment you hear Linnéa's voice you’re instantly intrigued. The way she enchants her listener with this texturized voice is truly magical and captivating. Linnéa is currently preparing for her new releases in 2020 and she is excited to let the world hear her new music.

Take a listen to the intricate soundings of Linnéa here!


Welcome to BuzzMusic Linnea! Tell us about your background. How was it growing up and where did you find your inspiration for music?

I grew up in a very creative family. My dad plays the cello at Malmö Opera and my mom and I wrote songs together when I was a kid. She loves to sing and play the guitar. My brother is currently studying art and he’s very talented. I mean, of course, I’ll say that since he’s my brother but I promise you - he is an amazing actor. Anyway, I’ve always been surrounded by music and all kinds of art stuff growing up. As a little kid, I found it easier to express myself and cope with my emotions through music and art and that has sort of followed me through life. I still write about everything I feel, everything I do and everything I hope the future will bring and that’s what inspires me.

School was a bit tricky for me. I had a hard time being still and learning. Not sure why, but I guess I wasn’t interested in that stuff and just wanted to sing all day instead.

Tell us about your single “I Always Knew”. What was your creative approach to this single? 

I had this idea of a chorus in my head that I wanted to create something from so when I was in a session with Greg I told him ”dude, I have a great idea for a new song and this should be the chorus”. I played it for him and hummed a melody and he said: ”that’s awesome but it’s not a chorus, it’s a verse”. When he said it at first I was like… really? But he convinced me and once we found the right chords we started writing the lyrics. I told him about what was going on in my life and wrote it all down. Then we picked sentences, phrases, and words from this that we liked and we created the lyrics from that.

What inspired you to write “I Always Knew”? In what ways were you able to personally relate to this song?

Well… I was in a session with my producer, Greg Cortez, and he asked me how life was going. I told him that everything was great. I was happy and I had this one person in my life that made me so happy. We did everything together, planned our future and were inseparable. Greg and I decided to write about it and make a happy love song.

What was your personal favorite element to “I Always Knew” and why?

The part in the chorus that goes ”anyway, anyway, anyway, yeah” (it’s at 0.54). We didn’t write that part at first but when I was in LA to record everything, Greg and I was driving home from the studio and we listened to the song in the car and he was like ”I just got an idea we need to add to this song” and once we did it just took the song to a whole new level. It’s my favorite part of the song.

What was the most challenging aspect for you in creating “I Always Knew?

The lyrics. We worked so hard on them to make sure they would turn out the best possible way. Greg and I always agreed on how important it is to tell something real and true which obviously makes the lyrics very important. Also, putting yourself out there and exposing your emotions is hard. But you gotta do it.

What’s next for you Linnea as we enter 2020?!

I’ll be releasing three more songs that I wrote with Greg and hopefully, I’ll be going back to LA in June/July to write and record new songs at New Monkey Studio. I’m currently working with some producers and songwriters in Sweden that I’m creating new tunes with. I just started working in the UK with Ian Barter and Fear records where I’ll record some new songs that will be released in 2020. I and my band are going on tour in Sweden and Denmark to promote my new music! I’m very excited about 2020 and I can feel that it will be my best music year so far.