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Linn Holmes Is In A Vintage Daydream With New Single “Baby Blue”

Music has always been a big part of Linn's life. She grew up in Sweden and music was always sung and played in the house she grew up in.

Her mother was in a gospel choir and would bring Linn to their rehearsals, while her dad would always be so thrilled to share his favorite records with his daughter. Linn's mother and father always had this massive appreciation and admiration for music, which Linn refers to as a major influence.

Furthermore, Linn began singing in a gigging choir around the age of 3, and they performed at their first TV performance about a year later. She began playing classical instruments and eventually began studying at a "conservatory-esque" music school at the age of 9.

From there, it kept going - Linn was studying everything from classical to jazz, blues, and rock. She then started her first band - a band named Spiridoula - and began playing gigs all around Stockholm. Linn says "We were just so inspired by all these 70s bands, such as Fleetwood Mac and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, writing songs feverishly and just itching to perform."

Inspired by her 70s heroes, Linn moved to Los Angeles - which is where she resides today.


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