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Lip Candy Breaks Free From "Str8jckt" Love in a New Single

From New Orleans to Los Angeles, experimental rock band and trio Lip Candy releases their heavy-hitting and thrilling new single, "Str8jckt."

Comprising lead vocalist Thomas Goetz, bassist Philip Dion, and drummer Alex Feuer, Lip Candy first formed when the band was attending college at Loyola and Tulane University. After becoming one of New Orleans' biggest rock acts through sold-out shows at notable venues like The Republic NOLA, the band moved to sunny Los Angeles to take their careers even further.

Lip Candy is known for making tracks that reside within the genres of grunge, emo, rock, and pop, and their latest single, "Str8jckt," is the perfect representation of that vast artistic sound. Goetz's lively performance is amplified by Dion's thumping bass licks and Feuer's riveting drum arrangements, helping us get to know what Lip Candy is all about.

Jumping into the new track, "Str8jckt," we're met with a crunchy and heavy electric guitar riff that leaps into the first verse where Lip Candy makes their thrilling instrumental appearance. Listening to Goetz's emotive and expressive vocals, he expands on a love that's similar to a straight jacket, holding him back from being his best self.

This song has several twists and turns, and we adore the chilling anticipation Lip Candy offers on the pre-hook before taking off into the anthemic hook, oozing the core aspects of emo rock paired with modern pop. This song is quite the ride. We're certain this new single will take Lip Candy to the charts from the pounding drums to the high-energy basslines.

While Lip Candy puts the finishing touches on their forthcoming debut ep, turn up their new single, "Str8jcket," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Lip Candy. You've truly taken us on quite the ride with your latest exciting single, "Str8jckt." What inspired the lyrical concept of feeling held back by a relationship?

When you’re trapped in a toxic relationship, it literally feels like you are stuck. You can’t move. Like you’re wearing a straitjacket 24/7. I think we’ve all felt that way with someone in one form or another, and sometimes it’s the hardest thing in the world to break it off and set yourself free.

Who wrote the conceptual lyrics for "Str8jckt"? What images and scenes did you want the lyrics to paint in the listener's mind?

Thomas and our producer, Blake, wrote the lyrics in Blake’s bedroom studio back in the summer of 2019. One scenario we wanted to vocalize in this song was having to share a bed with your partner when you’re at odds with them. You’ve just been fighting, and now you have to sleep next to them even though you’d rather be anywhere else. But because you have no other place to sleep, you’re there. “Where’d you go when there’s nowhere to be? Tell me girl did you think I could read your mind? All the thoughts in your head as you lie awake.”

How did your band go about formulating the dense and heavy instrumentals for "Str8jckt"? What does your band's creative process look like?

A lot of the time, we start with a guitar riff, and that’s what started the process for Str8jckt. We love simple but strong guitars riffs. Guitar riffs with attitude. Follow that up with some boomy drums and a thick fuzzy bass tone, and you get LipCandy.

Will "Str8jckt" be on your forthcoming debut EP? Could you give us the inside scoop as to what we should expect from the EP?

YES! Str8jckt will be on the EP. This EP is set to remind the music industry what a good rock band looks and sounds like. We really wanted to make a statement about the state that the industry is in right now. There’s a lot of inauthenticity and it’s starting to get noticeable. Rock has made a comeback, but there are not many bands doing it. It’s mainly solo artists holding a microphone while a hired backing band plays the actual music. No shade to solo artists by any means, but we’d like to remind the industry that a band is needed in this market and Lip Candy is that band.

What's next for you?

The next thing right now is dropping the STR8JCKT MUSIC VIDEO!!! This video perfectly captures what we are, what we do, and how we do it. After that, we got a show at The Resident in DTLA on March 3rd, BE THERE!! Then it’s just finishing the tracking process for this EP and coming up with a rollout plan for it! The estimated release date is early this summer and it’s gonna be absolutely insane.


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