Liptruce Brings Us on a Journey With Their Latest Single “Night Things”

The sounds of West Hollywood can be dark, sinister and emotionally sexy. Liptruce definitely displays all of this with their new single “Night Things”. Setting the sonic tone for a nighttime drive on Sunset Strip, you’re taken to West Hollywood where “Night Things” grabs you and cradles you to sleep. Opening with drum pads and smooth synth-driven pop tones, Liptruce’s “Night Things” is reminiscent of early Lana Del Rey with sounds of elegance, lovemaking, and sadness at the exact same time. When the chorus takes place, you feel as if you’ve already been there, while still feeling like it’s something you have heard for the first time. The driving bass and downtempo vibe can make you feel like it’s night time, even if it’s 1 pm on a sunny day, in the best way possible.

The artists in this song really create a universe of sound that draws inspiration from their LA natives in The Neighbourhood, being dark &  cryptic. The singer's vocals stand out with her obvious talents and interesting choice of lyrics. Lines such as “there’s a danger in you” and the melodies were chosen, this is an infectious song that can be appreciated by all listeners of Pop music. 

We are excited about what will come next with Liptruce if this is any sort of glance into the future. If you are a fan of Pop music done dark & cryptic, we have something worth sharing with you! Make sure you check out Liptruce and keep up with them on social media to make sure you don’t miss them when they come to your town with their “Night Things”. 

Listen to "Night Things" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Liptruce! Do you find that the vibes of West Hollywood play into the production of your music? Specifically with "Night Things"? 

I’m a West Coast native and a huge 90’s r&b fan. I was definitely channeling all that when we wrote “Night Things”. 

What was the process like for choosing some of these synth and unique production tones? 

We spent close to six months on pre-production, so we had a very narrowed down idea of the sounds we wanted, but our stock is limited and it wasn’t until we sat down with our co-producer that we really put the icing on the cake. The whole process in the studio was, metaphorically, like taking a VHS and making it Blue Ray. Our songs and the sounds within them really came to life. It was magic. 

If you could musically collaborate with any music artist, who would it be and why?

Shit. Alt J, Matt Corby, Frank Ocean, Anderson Paak, Beyoncé, Lana Del Ray, Odesza, Dave Grohl, Leon name a few. But the list goes on. In my perfect world, we collab or I get to sing, with a different artist, classic or current, every few months until the end of time. Yup, I’d be busy in my world.

How important is it for you to create a world for your listeners to live in while they enjoy your music?

The underlying beauty of music is that it creates a connection. Whether I’m trying to be funny or sharing a deep truth I want listeners to feel it or at least to no longer feel alone, no matter what their world looks like.

When can we expect a national tour from you?

Our plan, at the moment, is to hit big target market cities within the next six months. I’m hoping we have a Summer of festivals thereafter. But I’m ready. I’m ripe. And our live set is prepped for The Tonight Show.