Listen To "Affections" By Riaan Eloff, An Amazing Rock Ballad Tune

Riaan Eloff is an extremely capable pianist, keyboardist, singer, songwriter and arranger/producer. He has been involved in the music industry since 1984 and has been playing piano since age 8. His studies culminated in the successful completion of Gr VIII at UNISA, which was followed by a world of experience in various styles as he developed his skill over many years and in various environments. He has the ability to draw an audience into the music he plays and move them emotionally, a gift that is quite unique and amazing. Wherever he performs, "ooh's" and "aah's" can always be heard as the audience is fascinated by his performance and touched by his passion. His playing style is reminiscent of a Clayderman, with a light jazz and rock influence.

"Affections", the song that is included in this writ forms part of Riaan's current CD titled "Piano by Riaan Volume 1", a fully arranged, band-supported, piano-driven album. There are often strong correlations between Riaan's performances and recordings, with Richard Clayderman's work, but Riaan's rock, blues, negro-spiritual and gospel influences are also clearly audible in several tracks. This specific track delivers a haunting melody, with strong reference back to the rock-ballads of the '80's rock/metal bands. The piece starts out as a gentle piano ballad and continues to a driving rock ballad with the guitars featuring to the dramatic end. #BuzzMusic