Listen To Casper Fonberg's Newest Release “Lost In The Seven Seas”

Casper Fonberg is a young man who has his own story to tell. He grew up in a small town located outside the capital of Denmark. Although Casper was always equipped with a good voice and was encouraged to take vocal lessons and pursue music, he suffered from severe bullying and self-esteem issues that hindered his confidence and held him back. With overwhelming support from a new group of friends he met at summer camp, Casper sought out help from a singing teacher and continued to sing despite the hate he received. When he first began writing music, Casper channelled his negative experiences into his songwriting. He got sidetracked by partying as his escape from reality, eventually got back on track and regrouped himself to continue pursuing his first true love which was music. It led to the dynamic and power anthem “Lost In The Seven Seas” released on December 14th.

“Lost In The Seven Seas” begins with a light piano melody and dramatic cinematic entrance while Casper’s augmented and deep vocal resonance floats in, serenading us before the tempo change and the vibe transformation. The hook in “Lost In The Seven Seas” has this classic projection, similar to most pop music back in the day with addicting hooks and cheesy romance great for fabricating overall love bops. Casper propels his vocals from his deep voice register into a beautiful mixed voice, showcasing his skills and wide vocal range. Casper is someone who knew from the beginning that music was something meant for him to accomplish. The dedication and drive an artist has always translates well in the work they put out and you can tell Casper’s past agony and heart-rendering passion was digested in “Lost In The Seven Seas” creating a pathway for listeners to not only instantly fall in love with the single, but with the artist Casper Fonberg himself!

Listen to “Lost In The Seven Seas” here and get to know Casper Fonberg below!

Hi Casper! Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Casper Fonberg, I’m Danish, I’m 22 years old and I just released my debut single “Lost in the Seven Seas. I have been singing my whole life and writing since I was about 12 years old. Because of bullying and insecurities, I was about to put the music dreams away, but a sports summer camp in 2011 changed everything, when some new friends I made, told me that I was a good singer. Somehow, hearing exactly those people saying that, made me forget everything and just go for it, and here I am, working on my breakthrough. I have always been an entertainer, in class, at parties, always. I am always the one laughing the loudest and telling the most jokes - and of course the worst aswell. My dream has always been to be in front of a huge audience, singing my songs and bringing them on an emotional journey with ups and downs, because that is what life is all about. I truly believe that the meaning of life is something that we have created ourselves, I’m not sure if there is a meaning, but I know that life is an emotional ride, and it’s up to you to pursue and achieve your dreams. That is also what my music is about – accepting life as it is, standing up for yourself, believing in yourself and working hard.

Do you recall the first song you’ve ever learned and sing? If so which was it?

I don’t remember the very first song I learned, but I remember as a very small child, listening to “All or Nothing” with Cher and a bunch of Michael Jackson songs like “Thriller”, “Bad”, “Man in the Mirror”, etc., I listened to those songs all the time. Also, songs that my family always listened to while driving on holiday to Southern Europe was Gigi D’Agostino with “L’amour Toujours” or the Jan Wayne version of Patti Smith’s “Because the Night”. What was consistent throughout my childhood and in my family was that we wanted powerful music. We were always drawn to music that gave us a kick, that was our favourites. My first concert also ended up being Linkin Park in 2007, when I was 11 and I remember just loving the atmosphere.

“Lost in the Seven Seas” is a really beautiful single! What’s the meaning behind it?

So “Lost in the Seven Seas” is about this girl I dated a few years back. We had a lot of common friends because we came from the same area, so I went to high school with a lot of her friends, but she went to school quite far away. So, I hadn’t met her before this one day, where we met at a night out with each of our group of friends, but the chemistry was just there right away. We were the perfect match. My family loved her, my friends did too and we had so much fun, but somehow, I didn’t fall entirely in love with her in the end and we ended it after about 6 months. I was devastated, but I knew it wouldn’t work and I thought a lot about how that could be. At that time, it became quite clear to me that I wasn’t ready to have a relationship. I was partying all the time, I had so much fun and I just had this constant feeling that I hadn’t tried enough in life compared to other people. I felt that I needed more to be enough. More parties, more alcohol, more drugs, more sex and more everything. Today, after a lot of life experience, I look at it differently. I realized that I wasn’t ready because I didn’t know myself well enough yet, but I do now, and had we met today and not back then, I wouldn’t have let her go.

Can you tell us a bit about the creation process of the song? Did you face any challenges along the way?

“Lost in the Seven Seas” was actually the first time I started with a track and wrote the lyrics afterwards. Normally I write songs when I’m hurting and then my singing teacher helps me with the chords to the song afterwards. But this time, I sat on my iPad on GarageBand and played on the piano and suddenly something felt right. I just continued adding instruments like strings, drums and synthesizers and suddenly I had the first track that I was really happy with. I transferred the track to Logic Pro on my laptop and started to make it more professional. When that was done I wrote the song in 15 minutes. As soon as I started to sing, I knew what it was about. Then to make it worth releasing, I had a producer help me out with the sound and the recordings.

How does music play as an outlet and escape for you?

Music is everything to me, both creating and listening. I have been through some rough patches in my life and I don’t know what I would have done without the music. It kept me alive so many times. The empty Word documents or the empty projects in Logic were and still are my canvases. That’s where I can describe exactly how I feel, and it has been so liberating to be able to just pour it all out and just to sing my demons away. Also, when I had written a song that I was proud of I would go to bed in the evening with a good feeling in my stomach. It has been my therapy for so many years and it will always be. But it’s the same with listening to music. Sometimes, another great artist can explain exactly how you feel, when you’re in lack of words yourself and it can lift so much weight from your shoulders when you get the right words for how you feel at that specific point. Sometimes, it’s just another person who can give you those words. If you wanna cry, you can put some music on that makes you cry, but if you wanna have a good time, you can put some empowering music on that just lifts your spirit. That is also why all the different genres are so important.

Who are a few of your musical influences that have helped shape your career in the music industry?

My musical inspirations have shaped me through my whole life and I have always been very much drawn to pop like Cher, Pink and Anastacia, but I also had a big weakness for Linkin Park, I just loved the power in their music. That has of course evolved throughout the recent years, where I have also grown the most as a person. Now I also listen to more shades of pop like RnB artists Chris Brown and Luke Christopher to rappers like NF and Eminem and house/dance artists like Martin Solveig, Kygo and Cheat Codes. But my main influencers have to be artists like Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Sia, Sam Smith and Adele. Because they have all been in my life while I have been making music and I consider myself a mixture of them all with a portion of power, a portion of vulnerability and a portion of attitude.

What's next for you in 2019?

What’s next for me is my debut EP, I’m not gonna say when it’s gonna drop, people have to follow me to stay tuned, but there is definitely more music coming and I’m so excited about what it’s gonna bring. I also plan to start during some gigs, which would probably start out in Denmark, as I don’t have a decent following yet and I cannot depend on my music yet, but the plan is, for sure, to finish my studies and hopefully get more involved in the music industry so I can start make a living out of it. But if you like “Lost in the Seven Seas”, you are for sure, gonna like what’s coming next.

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