Listen to Sara Strudwick's New Pop Hit “CBA”

Sara Strudwick dropped a hit that we were pleasantly impressed with! Her new song “CBA” has such a cool blend of funk pop blended with the typical charismatic upbeat mainstream sound! With a catchy hook and relatable lyricism, “CBA” is a song in our opinion that can stand as an anthem for the current young generation whose use to the lies and deceits from their romantic partners! Sara used a rather unhappy and negative state of feelings and translated it into a more fun, and outgoing delivery of emotions and that’s truly what makes “CBA” so special is the abnormal conduction of a love bop!

First let’s talk about this really awesome musical backtrack this song has. It starts off with a cute pop sounding acoustic guitar and strings where the beginning of her beautiful falsetto tone floats in on top of the chord which helps set the mood for the song. The sound is repetitive right until she reaches the hook and this where we got surprised! The beat turned into a more funky, groovy beat with a trap-pop flare that’s supported by the smooth bass chord. The instrumental then transitions into an over worldly sound that can help the listener get lost in the moment.

“CBA” then ends with the repetitive acoustic sound we hear from the beginning of the song making this single an all around diverse and atypical pop hit! Singing since she was 13 years old, the amount of voice control Sara Strudwick has is outstanding and will take her career extremely far!

We had the chance to chat with Sara about her new release. See below!

Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hey guys! My names Sara, I grew up on the island of Jersey in the Channel Islands before moving to the UK to make music at the age of 17! I’ve been pretty lucky have had some amazing experiences since I started singing, but right now I’m just loving writing and releasing my own material.

Knowing that you’ve been singing since such an early age, did you knew that music was  just something that was almost inevitable for you to pursue?

For a long time I didn’t. When I started at 13 I honestly just thought it was going to be this cool hobby that was my personal thing. I didn’t think anyone else would want to hear me sing. It wasn’t until after I was given the opportunity to open for James Aurthur and JLS in the summer of 2014 that I realised I wanted to do this as a career. After that I had complete tunnel vision. Music is the only thing I love that I feel I can do well, and now I could never imagine doing anything else.

You’ve had great experience performing on stage, how do you translate your music and deliver your lyrics to your audience and fans while performing? Any specific methods?

I think the message behind CBA is pretty straight forward - I knew exactly what I wanted to say in the song. It’s about realising that sometimes, no matter how much of yourself you give to someone, no matter how much time and emotion you invest, they’re never going to give you anything back. I think a lot of it was coming from a place of complete frustration, when I’m really trying to connect with someone and they keep brushing me off like it just isn’t important to them, I feel like I’m going crazy and I never know what to say. Eventually you have to realise they’re never going to give you enough, and you either have to accept how things are or cut them off.

How would you describe your musical genre and style and why?

Describing my musical genre and style is tricky. At the moment, I’m quite a young artist, I’ve only just started writing and creating and releasing. Right now I’d say my style is very indie/dream pop, but with the next material I write it could evolve into anything. I’m still figuring out where I’m at, what sounds I like, what suits me.

What’s the most special quality about “CBA” that you think your fans and listeners would love the most and why?

I think CBA is just special because I’ve never put anything like this out there. It’s super scary putting a piece of yourself out there, and I think the best thing about CBA is that it is my first song, and it’s letting me make my first mark as an artist. I would love to think people listening would love the lyrics as when I wrote them they meant a lot to me, but really just the fact that anyone has a listen is awesome and totally mind-blowing to me. I also think the listeners are going to love that I’m making a sound I’ve never worked with before. I was Lucy enough to have the very talented Cameron Sanderson produce the track, and he really helped mature my sound and bring out the best of it.