Listen to the Compassionate Soundings of Lane Hays in "Time"

Small town born artist Lane Hays currently resides in Austin, Texas, where he blends his thoughtful and considerate vocalism with delicate and creamy production stylings. Being involved with the music scene from a young age, Lane Hays has always been exposed to the feeling he gets putting his soul into music. It's clear that Lane Hays carries passion in his musical offerings, and his down-to-earth approach wins over the Acoustic/Pop music scene!

"Time" has been a recent release from Lane Hays, which is a track that will bring along a somber and melancholic atmosphere for listeners. Lane Hays pleads in "Time", expressing his imminent pain to his audience in a light and airy way. We felt very charmed by the voice of Lane Hays, and how he shaped his vocal delivery along to the drawn-out production stylings present within "Time". There's a structured aspect to the music of Lane Hays that is followed so intricately, forming a methodical consummation. We feel almost inspired by the vocal offerings of Lane Hays in "Time", especially near the ending of the track where we see an explosive harmony from Lane Hays. We appreciate Lane Hays's soft and mellow soundings, especially as we're winding down for the New Year!

Listen to "Time" here.

Welcome, Lane Hays! Thanks for joining us here at BuzzMusic. How have you felt ever since "Time" went live and was available for your listeners?

It’s such a cool thing to be able to release music and see how people react to a new song. With Time I was really hoping to see a strong response to the release and that’s exactly what I got. I love getting to hear what people think about the new song!

You've always found such a strong drive for music ever since you were a young artist. How do you feel that you've grown today looking back at your younger guitar-playing days? 

I think what has developed most over the years has been my skills as a songwriter. Songwriting is possibly one of my favorite things about being an artist and the ability to take an experience or an idea and put it into song is like no other. It has helped me find my own personal style and it makes peoples reactions to my music even more meaningful knowing that the song is really me and not just my voice. 

How do you strive to connect with your listeners through tracks such as "Time"?! What was the integral message you attempted to communicate with listeners in the song?

I think for me the way that I connect is by being authentic. My songs come from real emotion that I’ve experienced and I have to hope that it’s something that people can relate to and understand. With Time its a song about going through something that no one around you even knows about. It deals with what it feels like to have people looking in and seeing that things are not ok but not knowing what to do to help so you “put on a different face” trying to pretend like everything is fine and hoping that time will fix things. 

Where did the drive and inspiration come from in order to curate "Time"? Do you write and record all of your songs on your own, or do you receive any aid from other collaborators?

With this new song, I really wanted to finally release something where the tone of the music would match up with the lyrics so before you even hear a word you knew it wasn’t going to be an upbeat happy song. With the past two songs having been more upbeat I wanted to do something a little different. For all three songs I've released I've worked with a friend from college who produces music. I definitely would not have been able to do it on my own and having another creative mind adding to the process has been super helpful. 

If 2020 could see Lane Hays accomplish one big goal, which goal would that be?

The biggest goal I have for this year is to finally record a full album. As of now, I have the songs written but its just a matter recording and pulling all the pieces together. I’m so excited and ready for people to hear what I’ve written but I’m gonna take my time and not rush through the process.

Thank you again, Lane Hays, for chatting with us about your new music! How do you feel now that another year has passed with your sound?

It's been amazing seeing the growth over this past year. Knowing that people are listening to and enjoying my music is all I could ask for!