Listen To This Lovely Track “Lighthouse” by Edwin Hosoomel

Singer -Songwriter Edwin Hosoomel was born in Panama but currently calls Hamburg, Germany his home. At the young age of six, his love of music came to him through the form of a record machine. However, his talented wasn’t fully discovered until his friends heard him singing by chance.Edwin’s music is hard to put a definitive genre on because he is such a versatile musician. Geared with a loop device and sultry voice, Edwin brings in a new wave of indie music and raw energy.

“Lighthouse” has beautiful production and energy to it. The intro is so mysterious it makes the listener anticipate every measure. The heavily added lo-fi waves make this song have a new age feel to it. Then we move on to Edwin’s vocals and it just makes the listener in a trance. Now comes the heavy beat with interesting effects of echos and rough noises. However, the song changes gears into a heavily based piano instrumental as if it was shedding off its lo-fi skin we got down to the acoustic section of the track. Edwin brings our attention to contrast the heaviness of modern lo-fi music to that of a classical sound of acoustic piano and voice. A creative tactic, indeed which makes Edwin such a fun artist to listen to. So make sure you add him to your playlist and check him out below!

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