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Listen To The Eclectic Stylings of Jemine’s “No Dey Waste My Time"

Nigerian singer, actress and model Jemine was born in Los Angeles and used her music to blend the stylings of Nigerian aftobeats and R&B but is able to branch into many other genres as well. Her second single/video “No Dey Waste My Time” showcases Jemine’s versatility with mellow tones that create a sensual track. Jemine’s first single/video can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Youtube and many other platforms and is called “Nobody”.

“No Dey Waste My Time” is a lively mixture of fast paced beats that accompany Jemine’s beautiful vocal register and it is embedded with emotion as well as a combination of genres. Jemine is able to showcase her vocal talents throughout “No Dey Waste My Time” by mixing her ability to sing in a large range as well as the addition of her rapping part, and you can also find the jazzy stylings of Scat Singing closer to the end of her track. The endless talent that Jemine is able to display through one song is extremely impressive, from the lyrics that she has so fantastically written to be catchy and get stuck in her listener’s heads to the refined vibrancy of Jemine’s vocal range. I personally am a fan of the vibe that is being portrayed from “No Dey Waste My Time” and I can physically feel the beats in my body that are making me want to get up and dance along with the creative melodies. “No Dey waste, No Dey Waste my time” is the lyrical line that is emphasized most, giving the idea that the message that Jemine is trying to deliver is to not leave time for things that drain you or a love that is being lost, just to enjoy the good in life. The message of being almost “care-free” is clearly delivered through Jemine’s video for “No Dey Waste My Time” and I love the use of scenery that she was able to use throughout the video along with the amount of passion that you can see portrayed in it.

Listen to "No Dey Waste My Time" here and read our exclusive interview with Jemine below!

Hey Jemine! Fantastic to chat with you! Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

I am from  Nigeria also known as Naija. I live in Los Angeles California. Apart from being a Singer I am also an Actress, Filmmaker and Model. My first single is called "Nobody" under the name J-me which I changed to Jemine because I wanted to use my first name. My style, I would say is very versatile, but I always carry my Nigerian heritage with me and infuse it in all my songs. My style is a mix of afrobeats/rnb/pop/reggae/hiphop and anything you can think of!

Can you give us an idea of what your writing process is like?

I listen to a wide range of music. Music speaks to my soul, some of the artists I really love are, Tiwa Savage (Nigeria), Wandecoal(Nigeria), Beyonce, Brandy, Jayz, Wizkid (Nigeria) and many more.

I write in different ways depending on what is in front of me at the moment like for instance there is what I call the freestyle/flow stage to the final editing process. Most times I get the idea of my beat and I sing to it. Then I take some time to edit it, get the harmonies right, adlibs, put in new words and more Nigerian slangs to add to it, then i go back to the studio to record it again for the final time. Lots of work!

Is there a deeper meaning behind "No Dey Waste My Time"?

No dey waste my time literally means don't waste my time. It's a pidgin word. Pidgin is an unofficial language in Nigeria also known as Vernacular. The song is about a girl wooing a guy or asking a guy out and telling him to stop being shy. It's a fun, flirty and playful song. 

What gives you creative inspiration for your music videos?

I draw my ideas from life and my environment. I like to think that I am very observant person and everything in life is of use to me, so i draw my inspiration from my ideas, past experiences and other peoples experiences too. Being creative is a gift and I am thankful that i am able to put things together and make it work. Having an idea and seeing it happen is one of the most rewarding things in life. Giving life to a thought is a blessing. Also having a team that has the same dream as you, and are also as creative as you  makes for a very easy and amazing work. I have an amazing director his name is Olgee and he did both of my videos,We create magic together.

Can we expect to see any new music or performances from you in 2019?

For sure expect more fun.great and creative videos from me, I have another music video and single coming up soon, and film projects are in works too so stay tuned.

As a creative person you never get tired of putting out work and breathing life to projects. That's what fuels me!



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