“Little Blue Monster” New Track From Singer Songwriter Anna Lynn Atwater

Anna grew up as a theater kid to discover that there was a lot more inside of her than other people's words. Songwriting became Anna’s mental escape and emotion outreach. Anna’s debut EP 'Lost Shoe' portrays the self discoveries that she didn't know she needed until her thoughts were spewed into melodies of confessions and revelations. Anna’s songs is what saved her from her monster which is herself, and as she thought it through she shared them and realize how more and more that her thoughts are also other people's words and thoughts as well.

Anna Lynn’s new track “Little Blue Monster” definitely is a genre of its own. A little of acoustic piano music, a little bit of musical theater, and a little bit of pop all put together to create this beautiful song. The song itself is about Anna’s dealings with her version of inner demons which she calls “the little blue monster”, which is an issue that a lot of people can relate to. Anna is able to beautifully display what may not be so beautiful, which is her internal struggles throughout "Little Blue Monster". Composition wise, the instrumental has a very nice piano melody to it which really showcases her strong vocals and highlights her musical ability. Listen to "Little Blue Monster" here.

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