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Little Lazy Leads Us Into 'BREAKOUT (Live)'

Little Lazy's debut album 'BREAKOUT (Live)' is a stunning work encapsulating the essence of raw and unbridled indie rock.

With Brendan Pafford's commanding vocals and guitar and Kevin Cook's thunderous roars on drums, the duo has created a distinct sound that draws inspiration from The Black Keys, The Strokes, and Arctic Monkeys. The album, recorded live while the band toured and slept in their van, captures the energy and passion the band puts into their live performances.

Their raw talent and passion have garnered them a lot of attention, and this album will surely take them to new heights. They've been featured on iHeart Radio’s "A Corporate Time with Tom & Dan" podcast, iHeart Real Radio 104.1's "Jim Colbert Show," Orlando Weekly Magazine (twice), and Orlando Magazine. The band will also be performing live for a fundraiser on April 21, 2023, to help raise funds for homeless youth, specifically students who can’t afford housing in school.

The duo has been making waves in the indie-rock scene with electrifying energy and bold sound. Little Lazy's live performances are a sight to behold as well. With their high-octane tunes and infectious energy, it’s not hard to see that they are onto something great. The album perfectly represents their live performances and captures the essence of their musical soul, which greatly embodies their respective genre's past, present and future.

The album starts with "Dizzy," the leading single; the song is an upbeat and catchy tune that sets the tone for the rest of the album. The intro is tapped in with a galloping drum roll, and The guitar riff is infectious distorted greatness. Simply said, Pafford's vocals are effortlessly captivating, making it impossible not to tap your foot along to the beat. The chorus is particularly catchy, especially when he goes up to a higher register giving us dark angel vibes sure to have you singing along in no time.

The second track on 'BREAKOUT (Live),' "Miracle," is a faster-paced nostalgia-giving vibe that showcases Pafford's vocal range. The song is composed with all the crunch and energy you’d want while in a crowd full of mosh pit veterans.

With a hauntingly warped guitar melody that solos you into a void of psychedelia, perfectly complements the lyrics of experiencing a “Miracle.” Pafford's voice is expressive and soulful. The distortion gives a crunchy ripping effect when he belts his vocals on the chorus, which is incredibly powerful and reminiscent of the classic backyard thrashers we grew up on, making this song a standout track on the album.

"Daytime Shakes" leads us deeper into 'BREAKOUT (Live)' with its sunset whiskey on the rocks vibe that will have you feeling like the rose-tinted glasses as well as the person looking through them (don’t ask, listen, and you’ll get it ). As a slower song, "Daytime Shakes" still gives a high-energy tone that gives just the right amount of breathing space as you sail through the warm breeze of it all.

The guitar riff is catchy, and the drums are thunderous, making it impossible not to move to the beat. Pafford's vocals are powerful and nostalgic, as usual, perfectly complementing the song's air. This track will surely be a fan favourite and a highlight of their live shows.

The album comes to a heavy close with "Lights On," making way for a powerful chugging electric guitar riff that rips right through you only 3 seconds into the song and keeps going. "Lights On" is a true Megaforce of an anthem that demands your attention from start to end. Pafford's vocals are filled with raw emotion, perfectly capturing the feeling of taking a leap of faith. The song's instrumentation is once again striking and effective, with Cook's signature drums building to a powerful climax as Pafford's guitar riffs soar with a massive powerhouse solo before the last chorus. And with a massive powerhouse solo before the last chorus

Little Lazy's debut album 'BREAKOUT (Live)' is a stunning work showcasing the band's raw and unbridled energy. With catchy guitar riffs, thunderous drums, and powerful vocals, this album will surely be a hit with indie rock fans. The fact that it was recorded live while the band toured and slept in their van only adds to the authenticity and rawness of the album. Little Lazy is a band to watch out for, and this album is a testament to their talent and passion.

Be sure to tap into 'BREAKOUT (Live),'" available on all major platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Little Lazy. Cheers to a new legendary drop with 'BREAKOUT (Live).' How has your breakout success with the release of your debut album impacted your music and your approach to creating new material?

This album allowed us to play naturally. Compared to our earlier “studio” songs that are more heavily produced, Breakout has a gritty, live feel which is the accurate way to enjoy our music. We want you to be able to close your eyes and make you feel like you’re in a dingy little club or at a house party. Since we’re currently a two-piece, this approach will give you the exact energy and sound you’d hear if you saw us live. We will definitely be expanding on this approach for future work.

Can you describe the energy and vibe of your live performances of "Dizzy," the leading single from 'BREAKOUT (Live)?' How does the live version differ from the studio recording?

“Dizzy” was a song that stood out to us on day one. Starting with those beefy and rhythmic drums, the song continues to have an upbeat yet bluesy-feel throughout. Along with a fun chorus, the energy will hopefully have you bobbing your head or tapping your feet to the beat. As for the “studio recording,” this is the studio recording. The only song with a previously-released studio recording was “Daytime Shakes.” But for “Dizzy” and the rest of the songs, these “live” versions will be the only versions you can expect to hear in the future. And that’s what makes this project so special to us.

What was the inspiration behind the album 'BREAKOUT (Live),' and how does it embody the overall themes and messages of the album?

The title “Breakout” is in reference to us breaking free of those traditional “studio” methods of recording (harmonies, layering, mixing and mastering, etc.) We want to show fans and new listeners exactly how we sound live. To do this, we recorded four takes of four songs and used solely our live stage setup to make it as exact as possible. Nothing more, nothing less.

The songs fit an overall theme of the monotony of everyday life (“Dizzy” and “Daytime Shakes”), trying to make the best out of bad situations (“Miracle”), and fighting back against those “judgmental” types of people (“Lights On!”) who want to tear you down. The bluesy and dirty sounds only emphasize the feelings we had when writing the songs. We also chose to include some mistakes we made while recording, which only further emphasizes that mistakes are okay, especially in life. And sometimes mistakes only add to the greatness of the big picture.

How do you envision your future musical projects with "BREAKOUT (Live)" being your debut album release? Will you continue to pursue a live recording style or explore different production techniques in the studio?

We definitely want our future projects to have the same natural and energetic feel as Breakout. However, being a two-piece band, we always must consider what can be replicated in a live setting, given there are only two people on stage at all times. We’re always experimenting with our sound and mixing different methods to find those delicious, gritty tones that translate well for an audience. And connecting with our audience on stage is as crucial as writing music.

As you continue to gain momentum and recognition as a two-piece indie-rock band, how do you see yourselves evolving musically in the future? Are there any particular genres or styles you're interested in exploring?

We’ve been a two-piece band since early 2019 and have been focusing on our main genre of blues rock. However, as time ticks by, our sound has been evolving. Recently, we’ve been exploring harder, punkier genres and working with other musicians to help us get a bigger sound in a live setting. With this being said, don’t be surprised if you see a third person on stage with us in the near future. Unless we look worried or frightened…in that case, call security.


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