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Live The "Dream Life" With Ryan Reddy

With his musical career starting at age 14, Ryan Reddy saw commercial success with “Take Me To The Clouds” by Black Moss which was playlisted across South African radio. This single charted on YFM along with other stations and even appeared on Black Moss’s Mind Trip EP. Since Ryan has reached the Hip Hop charts on iTunes in South Africa before, he intends to take his career in music to new levels with his latest debut project.

In his latest single “Dream Life", Ryan Reddy brings us a cool modern hip hop track reminiscent of his predecessors such as Usher.

Ryan has a nice flow and knows how to easily transition to his catch chorus of “Dream Life”. The song itself is uplifting and has many ornamental values to it vocally and musically. The backing vocals by Devonte really pull it together giving it an extra layer of excitement. This is a new taste for the genre of hip hop and this can easily be played on the radio in the States. Reddy’s production is great with added musicality from Devonte's harmonies and inserted drum beat. Devonte's vocals are strong almost taking after Khalid with his soulfulness and sound. Overall this is a breath of fresh air for the hip hop genre and hip hop lovers alike.

Listen to "Dream Life" here.

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