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Lively Track “Always” By Quaid Is A Pop Song Of The Summer

Artist Quaid was born in California, raised in Romania and has been creating music for 10 years. At the age of 15, Quaid was gifted a guitar from his dad for his birthday and first performed at his high schools talent show in grade 9. This moment was the first realization that this was Quaid’s path and now he lives in New York City at the age of 25 producing for himself and other artists. Quaid has toured with Machine Gun Kelly and produced “Sunrise Sunset” for singer J Brown while striving to achieve his own art.

“Always” is an upbeat song that get the body moving right off the bat with beats that are infectious and vocals that are on point. With a low tone, Quaid is able to show off his talents of being able to hit not only the low notes, but he also has the ability to hit the higher notes with ease. I personally love the collection of sounds that accompany the lyrics as they really help give “Always” character and depth. Quaid uses a classic verse-chorus structure to write his lyrics and I find that there is emphasis on the lines “Don’t let me down, I know it isn’t fair but you promised you’d be there, always” as if the meaning behind the track is that he is lonely, trying to find connection and was let down at one point. The delivery of the song is powerful, and Quaid has written an extremely catchy song that easily gets stuck in your head. Watch out for this up-and-coming artist as “Always” was just a taste of the immense talent that Quaid has at creating music.

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