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Livvy Lauren Wants The World To See “Who You Are”

Pop artist Livvy Lauren shares one of her most personal experiences with beautiful lyrics and touching music in her new single “Who You Are.”

Showing a promising career since she was an infant, Livvy Lauren has come a long way using music as an intimate expression of her personal life. Her prolific songwriting work reflects it, as she has written over 50 songs. She has significant influence from artists like Sam Smith and Doja Cat, but most importantly, she trusts her team when materializing her musical vision.

“Who You Are” is a pop ballad that shows the most human and vulnerable aspects of Livvy Lauren. The song came up to her at a moment when her chest couldn’t hold her emotions, so she did what she knew best, she wrote a song. The lyrics feel honest and relatable, like just a true artist can do it, getting to show people that someone feels like them.

The intro of “Who You Are” gives you a slow and tender piano, inviting you to open your heart. Livvy Lauren shows her exceptional vocal skills with a tone that is as emotional as impressive.

In her lyrics, she seems to be having a conversation or writing a letter asking that person, or maybe herself, to let down their guard and show the world who they are.

The instrumentals are enveloping, always playing a synth with sweet chords as the piano does the main melody, enchanting your ears and touching your soul. The drums are slow, giving you time to breathe in Livvy’s outstanding voice and think about what she is singing.

Hit the play button on “Who You Are” as you close your eyes and open your heart.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Livvy Lauren, and congratulations on your latest release, "Who You Are." What was the most dominant emotion while writing "Who You Are?"

I felt a sense of anger and frustration while writing "Who You Are." The song was written in under 30 minutes because it was almost like the lyrics needed to explode out of my brain and onto the paper. The anger wasn't hated; it was more frustrating with myself for not being able to get the person I was in love with, to open up to me or the world.

What makes "Who You Are" different from your other songs?

"Who You Are" has a different feel from my other songs. Although "50/50" and "Messin" were both written about messy breakups and bad situations, I was able to turn these songs into something a little more upbeat and show strength, power, and positivity throughout them. With "Who You Are," the lyrics were too raw and heartfelt. The song isn't about hating a person for how they treated me or about having the strength to leave a toxic relationship; it's about feeling sad that someone can't be the true version of themselves when the actual version is the best version.

What would you like people to feel when listening to "Who You Are?"

I hope that "Who You Are" can help motivate people to be themselves and be proud of who they are. I hope that when people listen to it, they are reminded that they have support around them, and by being truthful to themselves and their loved ones, life gets easier.

Is there an additional message you would like to say about "Who You Are?"

A message I also hope that "Who You Are" portrays is that no matter how hard or tough life might be, always speak up because people are here to listen and help.

What's next for you?

I am writing more music and hope to continue my journey by regularly releasing new singles and gigging in London.


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