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Liza Jane Cuts Ties In “Man Or The Monster”

From Key West to Los Angeles, pop vocalist and singer-songwriter Liza Jane doubles on themes of infinitely and mistrust with her latest dance-worthy single, "Man Or The Monster."

At the age of two, Liza Jane expressed to her parents that she "came here to sing," foreshadowing a career in the modern music scene with vocal training in opera at Belmont University, nestling into the songwriting circles of Nashville, and fleeing out west to LA to embark on a pop/dance sound she'd been craving to create.

Now on the West Coast, she's turning up the heat with new releases like "Man Or The Monster," which Sirius XM radio has already been spinning on the Stonebridge Radio channel, not to mention trending on TikTok and Instagram. Liza Jane also released an accompanying music video for the song, directed by Joseph Spence, keeping the suspense high.

In "Man Or The Monster," Liza Jane wastes no time jumping into this fiery tune. Instantly, her vocals alongside the powerful synths are reminiscent of Lady Gaga's prime era, mixing in heavy drum beats alongside stunning melodies that keep our attention locked in for the ride. As Liza Jane approaches the hook with lyrics questioning a lover's infidelity, she's ready to let the world see this person's true colors.

The song's hook is fire - it smokes our speakers with celestial synths and a kickass beat alongside Liza Jane's ultra-powerful, emotion-packed vocals. Everything about this song is danceable - the beat is infectious, and Liza Jane's seductive, sultry vocals add a hypnotizing edge. It's a powerhouse song that perfectly portrays the emotions that come with infidelity, questioning if she's been snuggling up with a man or a monster all along.

There's nothing more powerful than a woman who knows her worth, and that's exactly what to expect from Liza Jane's hot and heavy new single, "Man Or The Monster." Find the song on all digital streaming platforms and catch the music video on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Liza! What a powerful listening experience you've provided with your recent single, "Man Or The Monster." What moments or personal experiences inspired you to write this song? 

Thank you so much! I wrote this song to talk about how a lot of times in relationships, and this has happened to me, someone can be the opposite of who they say they are. They start off great then you find out about their “Monster” personality and double life. In general how people can be really good at wearing a mask for a while, they always slip up eventually.

Considering "Man Or The Monster" discusses the tough theme of infidelity, why did you decide to make the song so upbeat and danceable?

As much as I love talking about the dark side of lovers and true experiences in my lyrics, I wanted a sound where people can resonate with the lyrics and also enjoy dancing and listening to something catchy. Personally, I'm very into astrology and tarot cards, and if you notice in the beginning lines of the song and video, you'll see a hand that uncovers a 'devil card' (for the monster). "Dark"...yes, you might say so.. haha!

Speaking of the upbeat production in "Man Or The Monster," how did producer Shayon Daniels help bring the song to life? Also, what did producer Stonebridge add to the overall experience?

They both were great to work with! Shayon captured my vision with the production, complimenting the lyrics so well and having Stonebridge add an extra touch to the global dance and club scene, which is a style of music I am excited to keep exploring more of. In fact, the next single, Sacrifice is also remixed by Stonebridge. Also, Stonebridge has his own weekly radio show (Stonebridge Radio) on Sirius XM BPM channel, where you can also hear my music.

What was it like collaborating with director Joseph Spence for the "Man Or The Monster" music video? What was that experience like?

Joseph Spence was amazing to work with. He made it such a creative and comfortable environment where I was able to be myself and capture myself on camera with his perfect eye and vision for great lighting. Joseph is the consummate professional director. Our producer, Debra Baum, also manages Tears For Fears, and she added an extra special element to the style and looks of the video as well.


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