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Lizzibear Gifts Listeners with Her Soothing Vocal Sound in 'Endlessly Chasing Butterflies'

Lizzibear is the type of artist that can stimulate a variety of emotions and feelings within her audience. Projecting her own truth and inspiration, Lizzibear always is transparent with her gripping realities and offers listeners a chance to learn from her course of life thus far.

Recently debuting her album, 'Endlessly Chasing Butterflies,' Lizzibear proposes a collection of feelings, ranging from lovingly desire, to remorse and even sorrow regarding life and love itself.

'Endlessly Chasing Butterflies' can easily be perceived as an authentic recollection of experiences, and Lizzibear doesn't miss an opportunity to embolden her listeners.

"Butterflies" opens with a warm piano melody that transcends into the luscious tones of Lizzibear's vocal sound. A somber and delicate embrace is taken on within this particular track and establishes a comfortable and calming serenity for the rest of the album.

"Butterflies" speaks heavily on many affectionate feelings, and focuses on promoting feelings of love. Venturing through the various emotions that can arise from such affectionate feelings, Lizzibear ultimately strives to outline the peace that surfaces from soft passion.

Moving on to the album's second track, "Because of You", we feel immediately tranquilized by the gentle grasp of Lizzibear's voice. We're continuing with the theme of passion and love, but taking on a different perspective with the feelings that are associated with such passion. We get a realistic view of the thoughts attributing to finding love, and the insecurities that can also come along with finding true love. "Because of You" is genuinely very sweet, and the melodies are even sweeter, leading us to feed into our own emotional stores of wisdom. A slightly different productional approach ensues with the next track, "Endless", and we get deeper variations of piano rhythms.

The innocent component of understanding and conceptualizing love continues to be communicated throughout this track, and this is especially affirmed when hearing impactful lyricism: "You're the sun that wakes me in the morning and the song that sings me to sleep". We feel touched by the true meaning poured into "Endless", and we're easily meshing into the melody of this song.

There's something about Lizzibear's voice within "Endless" that feels reassuring and almost sedative. That's one component of Lizzibear's vocal sound that's difficult to shake--the pure alleviation that arises from her own vocal melodies, and "Endless" only continued to confirm that for us.

"Meant to Be" is the next song off of Lizzibear's album, and this track picks up the pace with bustling, yet composed guitar rhythms. As a collaborative track, "Meant to Be" brings about a smooth contrast between projected vocals, which easily allows playful energy to arise. When the two artists' sounds combine, it's a fluid and comforting feeling that washes over our listening ears.

Similar energy is emulated in "North Star", but with a unique variation. Lizzibear's voice is always so characterizable and distinguishable, and so that element remains quite similar in "North Star". Nevertheless, the fusion of intricate and amiable melodies persist and extrapolate an ethereal listening environment.

There's most definitely a theme shift with "Buried", as Lizzibear takes on a more introspective understanding of her own emotive. "Buried, all thoughts of you gone" are sang with vehement passion, and Lizzibear outlines the tough, but realistic realizations of moving on from lost love. There's a very human context taken away from "Buried", and the pain that Lizzibear communicates to her audience is enduring and raw. The production completely matches the alteration in content, and swiftly propels the conversation that Lizzi Bear is imparting to her listeners.

Transitioning to "Unalome (Run Through Time)", we find ourselves back at the inspiring melody, backed by impactful lyricism on Lizzibear's end. Breaking through personal barriers, "Unalome (Run Through Time)" represents the interpersonal change that Lizzibear experiences with her insight on life. With zero apprehension insight, Lizzibear doesn't doubt her process in finding her own truth with perplexing emotions, and it stimulates an inspiring discussion. We're back at the soothing rhythms transpired from poised guitar strumming, which creates airy atmospheric energy.

Ending off her album with "Invincible", Lizzibear decides to leave on a heavier note, being completely vivid with her communicative style. With assertive affirmations, "Invincible" demonstrates the strength and stamina required with the confusing thoughts and feelings of love, as well as the guidance needed to surpass perplexing emotions. Reminding listeners of facing the truth, "Invincible" offers a meaningful outlook on life that Lizzibear is all too immersed in expressing.

All in all, 'Endlessly Chasing Butterflies' brings many emotional qualities to light with the intriguing perspective of Lizzibear, and it leaves us moved by the various conversations that linger as a result of this album.

We're left knowing that Lizzibear has offered her layered and powerful sound with genuine honesty, which only inspires us to take on a deeper understanding of life and love.

'Endlessly Chasing Butterflies' clearly displays a variety of emotions and affections. Which track do you feel was most impactful for you, and how does it compare to the other tracks on the album?

It’s so hard to pick one that’s most impactful because every song was a step toward more growth as an artist. This album tells the story of falling in love. All the way from the first butterflies to the heartbreak to the moment you rise up, stronger than you were before. ready to chase those butterflies again. A turning point for me to really be raw with my emotions was the track “Buried”. It’s darker than the rest and I feel it will resonate with anyone who has ever survived the pains of heartbreak. I continued along and found deeper emotions in writing “Invincible “ which is about rising from the ashes (so to speak) strong and ready to burn through the pain and find what’s right for you. Scorching your new path and I really hope it inspires people to keep moving forward in life. The pain fades and fuels strength.

Were there any difficulties arising from being transparent and honest within your album release? Do you ever find yourself mediating through the obstacle of being openly communicative within your songs?

I’ve always found it easy to put my feelings on paper and have no qualms about sharing real emotions, hurts, fears, and dreams. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to share them with the world now and hopefully allow someone out there to know they aren’t alone. That was huge for me when I would hear certain songs. It helped me to know I wasn’t alone. Saved my life!

What inspired you to write 'Endlessly Chasing Butterflies', and how do you feel this inspiration was able to be passed onto your audience?

This feeling is what inspired me to write this album. I often felt like I was alone as I walked through the mud of depression for so many years. Music is what got me through and I believe saved my life. Chester Bennington of Linkin Park was one who’s words got me to feel like he truly understood my feelings because the words and feelings were so specific. I thought, “damn.. he’s going through something like me or did at one time... look at him now. I don’t feel alone with these emotions anymore. I have to carry on”. My heart shattered when someone whose words saved my life couldn’t keep fighting to stay here himself. I needed to get my feelings and words out there. I wanted to share it so badly and what better platform than music; my love. I really hope my songs hit even one pair of ears that gets that reaction. You’re not alone. Whomever you are.

Can you walk our readers through the progression of 'Endlessly Chasing Butterflies', starting from the theme highlighted in "Butterflies", and how it relates to the theme translated in "Invincible?"

Listening to this album from “Butterflies” to “Invincible” describes the process of falling in love, breaking up, and being ready to welcome love back into your heart with someone new again. I learned to love myself along the way and I’m excited to hear what the world thinks of my “story."

Where do you see the content of your work extending itself from this album? Are there any plans to continue to create music soon?

I definitely have plans to make more music and am already working on album number 2!



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