Lo’Ren Diggs Is Making An Impressive Transition Into Country With “Slide Close”

Lo’Ren Diggs is a Haitian / Dominican Singer, Songwriter with an authentic southern upbringing. Groomed for success by Chicago’s cold and windy city streets, he found himself living in the treacherous, heated neighborhoods of Los Angeles, California. Lo’Ren Diggs has a way of breathing melodic life into everyday language and delivering it with a distinguished yet rugged feel. Lo Diggs, the philanthropist is re-recording a double CD entitled: “I KNOW LO DIGGS”, which will be available digitally by Spring 2020. All of Lo’Ren Diggs’ experiences have prepared him for his next adventure, transitioning to country music. 

Putting his ambition in full motion, Lo’Ren Diggs drops his latest track “Slide Close” and we’re bumping it on repeat. Laced with light-hearted lyricism and soulful, folk instrumentals, “Slide Close” is bending genres in the most admirable way. The brilliant chaos sheds light on the versatility and creativity of Lo’Ren Diggs’ mind. The catchy hook includes smooths vocals and an addictive riff while the verses feature a little more southern twang. Lo’Ren Diggs’ well-known vocals match perfectly with the overall country feel to the track. He talks about real-life experiences and dives into a retrospective look at his feelings. Lo’Ren Diggs pours his emotion and soul into every track he puts down and we can’t wait to see what he delivers next!

Listen to “Slide Close” here and read more below in our exclusive interview with Lo’Ren Diggs!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Lo’Ren Diggs! How did you come up with your stage name?

Ans: As a kid I use to work in the garden with my family. I was too small to handle the big shovel so they gave me the handheld shovel called the Diggs. Lo'ren is actually my first name. Most my friends/ fans call me Lo Diggs.

What is your new track “Slide Close” all about? 

The story line is about a guy wishing he could dance well enough to impress the girl he likes. Its sort of a country line dance / Dance fever kinda song. Hence the lyrics in the chorus "COWBOY HUSTLE" it was also secretly a way to shout out a recently pasted music friend Nipsey Hustle.

Your songs have a very powerful lyrical presence. What’s your writing process like?

Melody and Concept is normally how my writing starts. The words come later but if I cant see ( visualize) it... I cant write it.

Do you have any shows, events, or tour dates you’d like to talk about?

I have a few from October to December. My fan base is so broad in age. Im even doing a middle school, a highschool, a post office appreciation banquet and Southern Los Angeles " TASTE OF SOUL".

What’s next for Lo’Ren Diggs?

I'ts hard to think about "Next" when I focused on the now. My Dad taught me that success isnt really success until you cant do it again and again. While most people are thinking about money & fame. Im thinking about making a big enough impact to effect the next generation. Today its a song, tomorrow it might be the anthem for courage. I stand for empowering people to "do more than live & have desire...THRIVE & INSPIRE". SO BE FEARLESS & SLIDE CLOSE.


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