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Soulful in every single track, LOGUIDICE doesn’t hold back with the release of her debut EP, titled 'ONE.' This independent singer-songwriter, from Bethlehem, PA, is showcasing her vulnerability, as well as her versatility, in this amazing five-track EP.

Delving deeply within every single track, LOGUIDICE brings a 90s R&B style to contemporary indie-pop and we are loving every single minute of it. Unique throughout, her talent completely shines from the get-go.

“Mood” is a track that is atmospheric and passionate, while “Elevators” mellows out the tempo allowing her to give warmth heartfelt vocals. Track three, “Teleport”, is rhythmically groovy with unforgettable rap lyrics giving us a whole new side to LOGUIDICE, before track four blows us away as “Overthinkin’” is an infectious R&B ballad that is instantly catchy and one we could listen to on repeat for days, while “Magnetic” ends the EP with an ambient note that we feel right into our cores.

Talking about the EP, LOGUIDICE said: “My music combines the pop I grew up listening to on my way to school with my mom and dad in the car and the R&B that allowed me to fall in love with music. These past few years, I’ve fallen in and out of many relationships, good and bad, so I decided to pour the growing pains of a twenty-something year old into a two-part EP (HINT HINT: there will be more to come very soon).”

This EP alone allows LOGUIDICE to shine in every single way, her vocals are outstanding and her versatility is off the chart. It excited us to see what her follow-up EP will be like.

Can you tell us more about your debut EP, titled 'ONE?'

'ONE' is my baby, and it symbolizes the beginning of my journey. The number one spiritually represents leadership and the beginning of one's path, and this is what the EP means to me. It is my debut and a chance for everyone to get to know who LOGUIDICE is finally.

What's it like to release your debut EP?

It has been highly therapeutic for me. I've been in the music industry since I was nine years old. My whole life, I tried to conform to the sounds of other artists and producers, but I finally broke out of my shell. This is the first time I am saying, "I am here. This is 100% me." Music has always been my therapy, so finally, completing a project that feels exactly as it should be is empowering.

Five tracks are a part of your ONE EP. Can you explain what each track is about?

Absolutely! "Mood" is my anthem. It's a reminder that no matter what I'm going through that day, I will ALWAYS be the vibe. Don't let anyone drain you of your energy. You are it, baby, and no one is allowed to tell you different! "Elevators" is my classic in-my-feels R&B track. Everyone has had a relationship where you are so into them, but it's just not meant to be. It's not because it's toxic but because you simply aren't happy. This song is a reminder that you can get off any floor! Don't settle, sis! When I wrote "Teleport," I had the first line for a while. "I'm frustrated with this wreckless generation." This generation has lost sight of what life is truly about. Many of us get caught up in existential things when that is not what life is about. Life isn't that complicated, but we make it as human beings. I wrote Teleport to say let's go back to a time whenever you feel most at peace, try to remember that feeling, and stay there. Be. "Overthinkin'" is the story of my life. An overthinker, like myself, literally thinks themselves into circles. Ironically, it took me so long to finish this track because I was overthinking! Jokes on me, I guess, haha. I overthink about overthinking and find myself beginning at the end. This track is for my overthinkers. You are not alone. You are seen. I get you. "Magnetic" is my sexy song. I LOVE excellent sexy music. I wrote this track 30 minutes after I reconnected with an old flame. Our energy was so intense that it had me SHOOK for quite a few days. This song symbolizes my first young love that could never be, but I will always hold it close to my heart.

Where did you draw inspiration from for this EP?

In this EP, I drew a lot from connections I had with other individuals, whether relationship or friendship. The links we have with other humans can be so powerful, and I wanted to write about that, good and bad. Even though I experienced plenty of heartbreak, I didn't want this EP to solely be about that because there are many layers to me that even I am still uncovering. That's why I made sure Mood and Teleport had time to shine.

What was it like to record these five tracks?

As I mentioned before, the best words to honestly describe it are empowering and therapeutic. It's almost tricky to find the words indeed to describe the power behind pouring your heart, soul, and tears into art, creating a masterpiece, and setting it free into the world. It has taught me to learn to let go. Once I release my art into the world, it's almost like a reset button for me to breathe and say, "I am okay."

Which track is your favorite and why?

I think it would have to be Magnetic for me. After having writer's block for a little, this was the first time I wrote, and it was a happy song. It reminded me that I could do it. Music doesn't always have to be about the heartbreak or the bad stuff. The fact that it came to me and was so easy to write felt so good!!

You're currently working on your follow-up EP, part two of this project. Can you tell us more about what we can expect from your second EP?

Think of EP' ONE'nas the introduction. It allowed me to open up and explore more freely in my next project. You will get to know more about me on a personal level. You can expect super rhythmic bass lines, enticing melodies, and catchy lyrics coming together in an R&B/Pop/Indie vibe that I have always imagined myself creating. Shoutout to Scott Jones for being the other half of my music brain.

Finally, you have quite the following on social media. Do you have anything you would like to say to your fans?

I want to say thank you to every single one of you who has been riding with me because I cannot do this without you. We have only just begun, my loves! And to all of you who are about to jump on board, I look forward to vibing with you! I hope my art brings you a little bit of peace every day because that is why I do this.


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