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Lola Kristine Mends A Broken Heart In “Chapter Two: When Things Fall Apart”

From St. Louis to Laguna Beach, singer-songwriter and eclectic recording artist Lola Kristine unveils her second installment of song pairings with her latest 3-track release, "Chapter Two: When Things Fall Apart."

Known for her soulful vocals and timeless songwriting, the California-based artist and renowned singer/pianist has seen various collaborations with successful acts, from Premik Russell Tubbs to Michael Manring. Now settled on the West Coast, Lola Kristine continues performing at multiple venues and has even caught the attention of rock legends like Mick Fleetwood.

More recently, Kristine released the second installment for a 5-part collection of song pairings, with the latest entitled "Chapter Two: When Things Fall Apart." Building towards her forthcoming album, CHAPTERS, Lola Kristine is taking listeners on a reflective journey through the human experience, with chapter two focusing on shattered fragments of heartbreak and forgiveness she's left to clean up.

The 3-track installment starts with "Just Friends," opening with soft R&B keys and jazzy percussion alongside Lola Kristine's fluttery, velvety vocals. While expressing the current situation and friendship held, Lola Kristine recalls the love and electric connection they once shared. As the song gracefully expands, she begs a past lover to rekindle their once-lit flame and return to a connection that feels like home.

Sinking deeper into Lola Kristine's haunting vocals and relatable concepts, she channels love, loss, and pain in the second track, "Sheets." With soothing acoustic guitar picking and tender piano melodies alongside Lola Kristine's delicate vocals, she haunts our speakers with chilling melodies while reflecting on the lost dreams and fading memories, signified by an ex's lover's smell lingering on her sheets.

By track three, "Wish You Love," Lola Kristine reaches a state of acceptance after having trudged the depths of sadness and anger. The somber piano melodies compliment her warm vocals while she wishes a past lover well, hoping to forgive, forget, and move on. The subtle string section elevates this piece to an orchestral, cinematic experience that's equally refreshing and chilling to the bone.

Lola Kristine is well on her way to notoriety, and this 3-track installment is a prime example of her natural talent and commitment to authentic artistry. Find "Chapter Two: When Things Fall Apart" on all digital streaming platforms.


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