Loman Debuts New Single “Appetite”

Rock duo Henrik Loman and Andi Crutwell-Jones make up the Swedish/English rock

duo. Henrik is the singer-songwriter while Andi is the producer and guitarist. The third single on

Loman’s album is “Appetite” and it is a track from the LP “Horizon Bent” which will be later

released in the fall. The musical approach that Loman takes is that of British Rock (Feeder,

Suede) with an accent of Swedish pop (Kent, The Cardigans).

“Appetite” is telling the emotional story of a man who loses control because of a

relationship that grows continually destructive hence the lyrics “You took my sleep, my

appetite..”. This song is very grim and has the vibe that it is something that is full of hurt and not

necessarily angst, but despair. A creative way to tell the listener how this person took his

“appetite” and therefore he cannot really function or live. It’s more grim than melancholy and

maybe hear some hints of grunge or alternative grunge as well very lightly though, so much

that the listener will barely notice it. Musically, the acoustic guitars and piano instrumentals go

well with his vocals and the production of adding the brass section adds to the depth of the song

as well. All together we have this very beautiful but saddening song that is well produced and


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