London King Delivers an Utmost Transparent Sound for Electro-Pop Listeners

London King is back to express more of her emotional electro-pop sound for listeners, and we're finding ourselves falling back in love with the vivid imagery the artist has to share. As a solo artist, London King resides in Rome and uses her daily inspiration and emotionality to construct the very rhythm she provides for us today. 

If you're up-to-date on the recent releases of London King, then you'd know that her debut EP 'Solaris' came out, and pushed the powerful and embracing sound so naturally within her as an artist. London King doesn't hold back on giving her all, and in fact, has risked many pivotal aspects of her life in order to reach the point she is at now musically. She's full of vibrance and versatility, striking listeners in a way that may make them feel vigorously spirited. Writing songs has always been intrinsic to the expressive character of London King, and her capability to communicate her intricate expressions to listeners has always been something we've appreciated about her music. The nature of London King is pure and genuine, and with the most honest intentions in mind, London King has our complete attention and attraction with her creative sound. Needing to feel a surge of energy or even a bit of inspiration? Then you know London King is the electro-pop artist for you, and we urge our readers to check out her latest singles on any listening platform.

Discover and connect with the music of London King here.