London Singer-Songwriter Nathan Trent Captivates Us With New Song + Music Video "Killer"

Nathan Trent, a singer, songwriter, producer and actor born in Innsbruck, Austria released his edgy-pop single titled “Killer” and we were nothing less than thoroughly impressed! After meticulously listening to the innovative lyrics of “Killer” what I took from this single is Nathan Trent gets completely intrigued and fascinated by a love interest he developed. It’s a catchy and haunting side of him that he wanted to showcase to his fans that they seemed to appreciate. It’s a deeper and darker position of his artistry that he never presented and it shows you great versatility. What I noticed in the sound of Nathan Trents voice was the similarity to another great singer who takes vocal risks and has no problem showing off his full range and belting high notes and that’s Adam Levine of the pop band Maroon 5. A compliment indeed, as Maroon 5 is one of my personal favorites!

If the sound of “Killer” wasn’t gritty enough for you, we also watched the music video and enjoyed the various elements of complexed, unorthodox and avant-garde visuals served to us on a musical platter! Nathan Trent creates a playful mixture of inversive art which we found to be a noticeable and special trait of the video. “Killer” is also a song that’s not only suitable for the indie industry that Nathan Trent is currently in as an independent artist but it also has the potential of making mainstream waves and being a song that can put his name on the map! It’s the type of charismatic, up-beat, and out of the box single that people would love and enjoy to the fullest extent. If you’re seeking more after listening to “Killer” you can also check out his other singles, ”Good Vibes” and “Won’t Let You Go” to fulfill your musical crave! Stay up to date with this London based artist who is constantly recording and producing new music for his upcoming EP.

Get to know Nathan Trent in our interview below!

Care to introduce yourself to our readers? 

Hi everyone! My name Nathan Trent, I’m a London-based singer, songwriter and recording artist.

Can you give us a brief history of your musical career? 

I started singing before I could even speak, basically. I’ve learned to play the piano and violin at a young age and started to write songs when I was 11 years old. After graduating from high school, I took part in different talent shows and started my studies in music, singing and acting at the conservatory in Vienna, Austria. Once I finished my studies, I released my first single which led me to being chosen as a contestant for the Eurovision Song Contest ( biggest music competition in Europe) to represent Austria, where I made 16th place out of 43 participating countries. Since then I’ve been writing, producing and releasing songs independently.

How did you come up with your name? Is there a meaning behind it? 

My real name is Nathanaele, so a little too difficult to use as a stage name. I took Nathan and added Trent, to make it sound whole. Also, the meaning of Trent in the urban dictionary says: Cool guy, easy to talk to, funny and adorable…so I guess I just went with that ;)

Do you write your own music? Can you tell us a bit about your writing style? 

Yes. Usually I instantly have an idea and the whole song writes itself in my mind. So in that case I record my rough melodies on my phone and later on I produce the track. I love to write about experiences and feelings that are hard to express. I’m very much into R’n’B and Pop, but I adore every genre of music as long as it touches me or transmits a feeling/vibe I can relate to. 

We’re really into your new song! Can you tell us a bit about it? 

Thank you so much! ‚Killer‘ is mainly about my last relationship, where I tried to make her happy, by adapting myself to her wishes and restrictions. She tried to change me and manipulated me in a way that I didn’t recognize. So, I wrote this song as a wake up call for myself, in order to break out of that situation. It was a hard one.

Where did the inspiration behind the song come from? 

It came from the feeling of not having the freedom to chose what I wanted to do, because at that point, everything I did, was wrong to her.

What are three things you’d love your fans to know about you? 

I love music, I love when people sing along to my songs, My biggest goal is to be able to live from my music, inspire people and do something good for everyone.

Any upcoming shows? For someone who hasn’t seen you live yet, how would you describe your performance? 

My upcoming performance is very soon. It’s my first gig in London, on October 16th, 8pm at the Ronnie Scotts Bar in central London. This will be a bit stripped down performance, where my musician friends and I are exclusively playing my own songs.

What’s next for you? 

I’m planning on releasing new songs and maybe an EP in near future!

Connect with Nathan Trent on social media:

Spotify: spoti.fi/2xwZ9yx

Instagram: instagram.com/nathantrentmusic

Facebook: facebook.com/NathanTrentMusic

Website: nathantrentmusic.com