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Lone Wild Has Us "Locktup," In Their Infectious Rhythm

The Nashville-based groovy 4-piece rock band Lone Wild leaves us feeling as refreshed as ever with their powerful and hearty new single, "Locktup."

Comprised of Ashkan Karimi, Austin Donoho, Ben Blount, and Aaron Seale, Lone Wild has established their reputation with bold, bombastic rock over a steady foundation of greasy and infectious grooves. During the pandemic, Lone Wild did what they do best, escaping the chaos via song and constantly staying updated with current events to further inspire their tunes.

Regarding their latest anthemic single, "Locktup," readers can already get a glimpse of what the song's all about through its title. Inviting us all to dance the night away with their intoxicating rhythm and powerhouse instrumentation, Lone Wild leaves us breathless with their funky rendition of contemporary alternative rock.

Diving headfirst into "Locktup," the track begins with a scorching hot and funky drum beat alongside the grooviest of bass licks that swarm us like a hefty cloud of rhythm. As the lead vocalist makes his warm vocal appearance, we're instantly left impressed with his broad vocal range that taps into a higher octave and backs down into a low-toned and mysterious nature.

As the song continues to sweat through our speakers, we're left tapping our feet to Lone Wild's incredible performance with help from their intricate and infectious instrumentation. While asking to be set free from being locked up, Lone Wild makes their way to the blazing outro without a dull moment in sight.

Get down with Lone Wild's latest groovy and catchy single, "Locktup," now available to bump on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Lone Wild. What a powerful and intoxicating listening experience you've provided with your latest single, "Locktup." When did you begin creating this quarantine anthem? Ashkan: haha, thanks. By the time we started to write this one, we had already started to write new music for the next batch of songs. I think it was maybe a week or two into the lockdown, March 2020...Anyways, I was getting tired of being inside and needed some fresh air, spring was in the air, so I threw on my running shoes and decided to go hit a run. I was probably not even 2 minutes from my place when the chorus melody idea kinda ran through my head. So, as I usually do, I stopped, pulled out my phone recorded the melody as a voice memo, and kept going with my run — slowly tweaking it. Got home, walked into the home studio, recorded the chorus melody to a basic drum beat, and then worked backward from there with the instrumentation. Eventually, when it made the cut for us to record it, I sent the track to the guys so they could start to put their sauce all over it! A lot of the music came quick, but some other pieces took a little more time over the span of quarantine. Kinda wanted it to marinate over the course of everything going on ya know? Your inspiration for "Locktup" goes without saying. Why did your band feel the need to create a song that pays tribute to your time in quarantine? Ashkan: I mean, for me I’m kinda always writing something, and I think that it’s just sort of inevitable to write about what’s going on around you. I guess you could say it’s a tribute but I was kinda trying to make lemons out of lemonade and create something that sorta helped put the whole quarantine period behind me, or at least find something positive. Also, It was sort of a way to just lighten my mood around the whole pandemic and keep my mental health in a good place — a way to throw away all the negative and thoughts in the trash...It was getting to be too easy to get hung up on everything happening, and that can just be heavy. Why did you choose to create the instrumentation for "Locktup" to be so groovy and funky, seeing that the song is about the dreaded quarantine? Aaron: As a drummer, my biggest musical influences have mostly been funk classics (Earth Wind & Fire, Kool, and the Gang, Bill Withers, etc.) I just love a consistent pocket groove with some aux percussion added, so we threw some bongos in there to funk it up a little bit, and that combined with the bass groove just made it the grooviest tune I think we’ve put together so far. Nothing like some good funk to get you out of a funk, right? Ashkan: I just wanted to put some damn bongos in a song! I heard a “behind the song” podcast on another song, and I remember them talking about taking a sample of another song with a similar type of beat. So, I totally thought, “oh that could be cool.” Found a similar bongo groove to throw in with the drumbeat, which Aaron eventually re-recorded in the studio.

Does your band usually create such rhythmic and anthemic singles like "Locktup?" Should we expect this infectious sound in your future music? Aaron: think we have a good mix of super groove-centric tracks like “Locktup” and some bigger rock anthems in this new batch of music. But yeah, we’re pretty pumped about our next single, too. It’s filthy. Ashkan: Oh for sure, we had a ton of fun writing these dancey/infectious ones, but also some ones that are more vulnerable, which in my opinion I think is some of our best work as a band. Kinda added a “range” to what we can do. What's next for you? Aaron: We’re stoked to get back on the road and play some live shows again. No solid dates yet, but it’s in the works. Be on the lookout for new tracks being released, too. We’re super proud of what we’ve made and we’re excited to get out there and play them for everyone.


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