Lone Wolf Willy Matéo Indulges Us in "iStandalone"

Willy Matéo is an up-and-coming singer and songwriter from Pittsburgh, PA. Specializing in Pop and R&B flavors, Willy Matéo creates songs based solely on his experiences, struggles, and insecurities.

Exceedingly blunt with how he feels, he expresses his heart out on his sleeves as he makes you laugh, cry, and catch a vibe to his melodic rhythm and ballads.

Placing the spotlight on his single, “iStandalone,” from his recently released album ‘I.D (Internal Disturbance)’ Willy Matéo has his fan base submerged in a heavy resonance that is reflective to the 1980’s Electro-Pop. The primitive synths are a staple in this piece as your attention is fixated upon the numerous layers that hold this creation's integrity to a high standard. Willy Matéo chimes in with a reverberated vocal that cast his heartfelt timbres into a washy pool of emotion.

The nostalgic tenors pull you into their embrace as the colossal drum hits provide you with enough bounce to push you through the barriers that Willy Matéo is steadily knocking down with his message. Reiterating that he stands alone and won’t be stopped by the antics of others reigns supreme in this single. Focusing all of his energy on the immense shift that immerses you in a state of cognizant offerings, Willy Matéo is providing an impactful message to his audience.

With Willy Matéo musical inspirations varying between old school greats such as Aretha Franklin, Toni Braxton, and Michael Jackson, to today's artist like SZA, Labrinth, Jazmine Sullivan, and Ariana Grande, there are many layers of Willy Matéo to unfold as he continues to serenade us with power ballads such as “iStandalone.” We’re placing it next in the queue on our playlist because we can’t get enough.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, WillyMatéo, we love your track “iStandalone.” What inspired the nostalgic wave of sounds that you dive into with this song?

Thank you so much, BuzzMusic, for having me. I had to put a lot of my heart into this song. I've always loved 80s music even as a kid and I've wanted to take a chance to experiment a little. The synth bass in the background reminds me of the tv show "Night Rider." I grew up watching older tv shows, which made me love the melody so much. I wanted the whole vibe of the song to ultimately sound like something you would hear in a retro workout video. A song of empowerment.

What is the main message that you hope your listeners take away from this song?

The message of this song is pretty clear. Don't let anyone change who you are nor your value. You are perfect the way you are. People are scared of "different" so they want you to blend in with the "social norms" when you're supposed to be unique and different, the way God meant for you to be. If you don't take anything else from this song, Take away the fact that NO ONE can afford your value and bring what you bring to the table. Stand up and let them know that you do not need their validation to love yourself and you are strong enough on your own. I've had many experiences like this and I refuse to conform to other's opinions.

Could you please share a glimpse into what the creative and recording process looked like for your album, ‘I.D (Internal Disturbance)’?

Well, that answer is a little complicated. Only because when I initially wrote the songs, I wasn't thinking of forming them into an album until the very last minute. I had put out a few songs as singles at first, and maybe toyed with the idea here and there about making an album, but I know making an album takes alot of time. And at the time, I just wanted to throw my name out there so at least some people would know who I am by the time I made my first album. So moving on, after I put out those first few songs, I started writing some more, and the more I wrote the more the songs started sounding like an album. A candid album that I feel is telling the story of my life. Like a diary. The name of the album, "I.D. (Internal Disturbance), just popped into my head one day. I feel like it fits because the songs that I sing are of all my fears, insecurities, and all the experiences I've had that have internally disturbed my soul, mentally and emotionally. Sometimes physically.

What can listeners expect in terms of sound and emotion felt on the whole project?

There's a lot of sadness, anger, happiness, and empowerment. This album was truly like therapy for me so people can definitely expect a lot of raw emotion.

What's next for you?

Well, of course, I definitely want to look into finding a manager but no rush, lol. And I have been trying to set up some live shows but it has been hard because of Covid-19. So I'm trying to set something up on my social media pages now to see if I can start doing live performances just to get started. I'm still new with all of this so I'm figuring some things out but I do want to shoutout to the people that have been supporting me and that have been listening so far. You guys have been great. More music will be coming.