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Longshot Pays Homage to the Late Tupac Shakur

One of the hardest working and most underrated emcees in the business, Longshot is a professional Hip-hop artist hailing from Chicago, IL. Presently residing in Minneapolis, MN, Longshot propels his own life experiences through his lyrics and performances in order to inspire and motivate those tapped in around him.

In the intimate messaging that comes pouring from a heavy-hitting record such as his most recently released “If I Die 2nite,” Longshot delves into a captivating performance that acts as a tribute to Tupac Shakur.

Collaborating with Michigan-based beat maker Vaughn Doe in order to fashion a beat that takes full control of the listener, the lyrical finesse that cascades over truly reiterate the intensity that Longshot brings to the table. In the lively energy that surges through the amplification of each note banging through your speakers, it’s easy to get lost within the bolstered cadences that breezily glide across “If I Die 2nite.”

Paired with eye-catching visuals that keep you on your toes with anticipation, viewers can expect to see Longshot at the same Las Vegas location that Tupac was sadly gunned down at 25 years ago. Filmed on what would have been Tupac’s 50th birthday, this tribute not only pays homage to the late rapper, but it proves where the inspiration and drive of Longshot resides.

Embracing the bass-heavy structure that continues to unfold with vibrant energy, Longshot is an emcee that means business, and he continues to prove that through thoughtful releases such as “If I Die 2nite.”

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Longshot, and congratulations on releasing your latest track, "If I Die 2nite." What moment inspired such beautiful energy to come bumping through the intensity of this song?

Thank you. I am a HUGE Tupac fan, so this song came about just wanting to pay homage to my flow, and the song titles and how I used my inflections on certain words like 'Pac did(does)...I was not comparing myself to Tupac in any way, but just showing my unconditional love for a man that has influenced me greatly as an artist and person of the world.

Being greatly influenced by Tupac Shakur, how did you discover your love for the rapper, and what was his role in inspiring your music career?

I discovered Tupac when I was in 7th grade, 1992...his first album, 2pacalypse Now, had just dropped the fall before, and I was at one of the homies cribs. He put on the cd, and it blew my little 13-year-old mind, and I instantly fell in love and resonated and felt connected in a powerful way to everything he was saying on that album. I was a ward of the state and lived in a group home called Boys Hope in the Chicago suburb of Evanston at that time...I didn't have a relationship with my father or any older male figure, so Tupac became that for me.

Could you please share a glimpse of what it was like filming the visuals for "If I Die 2nite?" How did you come up with such a genuine concept for the music video, and how did your team help you bring this vision to life?

Yeah, we knew we wanted to be at the exact spot where he was shot, the intersection of Koval and Flamingo in Las Vegas. It was a very spiritual shoot for sure that first day...we hit the first day on his birthday(June 16th)...When we were shooting at that location, multiple people came to pay their respect by leaving flowers, candles, and other stuff, and that was super dope to be able to share those moments with fellow fans of his. The energy was palpable that whole shoot. I knew he was there.

If your fans could know one thing about you that they may not already know, what would you want it to be?

Just that I want us all to win and be happy and prosperous and feel loved... that's it.

What's next for you?

New Longshot + Lazerbeak album...announcement soon.


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