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Look Alive Serves Up a Riot of DIY Brilliance and Sonic Anarchy

Strap in because LOOKALIVE has just unleashed a sonic disruption in the form of their latest single, "Scum." This isn't your run-of-the-mill song; it's a gritty, unapologetic explosion of chaos and creativity, leaving a trail of musical destruction in its wake.

Picture a mural, a rebellious masterpiece crafted by the band's own hands, giving life to the relentless energy of "Scum." LOOKALIVE isn't merely creating music; they're constructing a visual experience, painting an apocalyptic dreamscape on the canvas of a reclaimed billboard. Over forty hours and gallons of paint were sacrificed to birth this vibrant, chaotic visual feast.

"Scum" is not here to play nice. It's a raw exploration of self-deprecation, a lyrical middle finger to conformity. Jeremy Richardson's vocals hit like a sledgehammer, accompanied by guitar riffs as relentless as the band's commitment to the DIY ethos and percussion that implodes upon impact. This sonic maelstrom leaves you exhilarated and disoriented, craving more.

The mural, a riot of colors and pop-culture nods, is an extension of LOOKALIVE's irreverent spirit. Watchmen and The Legend of Zelda seamlessly blend into the chaos, creating a visual wonderland that mirrors the band's audacious sonic rebellion.

But this record does more than break the mold; it obliterates it. LOOKALIVE is pushing the boundaries of heavy music, and this track is their manifesto. If you're not plugged into the apocalypse party they're throwing, you're missing out on a wild ride through the unexpected.

With each note, LOOKALIVE dismantles expectations and rebuilds them into something exhilaratingly unpredictable. Join the revolution, as LOOKALIVE cordially invites you to get in on the chaos.


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