Looking For A Vibin' New Alt-Rap Jam? Listen to Jheron's Track “Get Ready”

Jheron is a 21 year old an alternative rap musician from Los Angeles, California. Jheron became the musician he is today by early influences in his childhood years which included Funkadelic, Prince and Michael Jackson to name a few. Songwriting came first for Jheron and then came in the guitar playing which lead to him playing a variety of instruments which got him involved into different music groups. His current influences include Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, and Tyler The Creator. Later on in his life he experienced some turmoil which caused him to take a little break from music until he could find some happiness again. After finding that happiness, Jheron wrote a new album titled “Alone On The Dance Floor”in which he wanted to stand out from the crowd while telling his narrative of why he took a three year hiatus. The album will be released October 31st of this year. We got a sneak peek of his single "Get Ready" and man oh man...

The track “Get Ready” is an alt-rap hit which has a really interesting sound to it. When first met with this track the listener is met with a simple but groovy 1,2 beat. Eventually more sounds are dropped in adding more flavour with every measure. The base of the song is the first beat you heard and with every minute a new layer is added that compliments the last. All of the sounds are definitely ra/electronic/jazz and probably made with a midi mixer which sets vibe perfectly, but this track is hard to categorize in a genre. It doesn’t get boring or repetitive like most tracks do because Jheron uses pauses which creates a big buildup for the listener that gets you waiting for the next measure to come in. A very creative track by Jheron. A definite song to add to your feel-good playlist. Be sure to check out the entire album when it drops in October!

We had the chance to chat with Jheron about his upcoming album, new song and more!

Check it out below.

Hey Jheron! Thanks for chatting with us! Can you give us a brief history of your musical career?

My name is Jheron Staley, and I am 21 years old from Los Angeles, CA. Every since I was young I’ve always loved all kinds of music. One of the first albums I remember listening to as a kid was Green Day’s American Idiot. I’ve also grown up listening to Funkadelic, The Gap Band, Prince, and Michael Jackson thanks to my dad. I started getting into hip-hop later on the years and want to learn how to write lyrics. I wrote my first song at 10 years old, it was about a girl I liked in my 5th grade class. I started playing guitar at age 11, I wanted to play Happy Birthday for a friend. After that, I was hooked and wanted to learn a lot more. Every week was a new song until i finally learned how to read music at age 14. When I entered high school I learned Bass guitar, drum set, piano, and was apart of the Hollywood High Drumline and Rock accompanied by LACER Afterschool Programs. My musicality just grew from there, a lot of my new friends introduced me to more music and helped me throughout high school. I started rapping at age 16. First it was just to be a class clown, but then I really got into it. I taught myself how to make beats on GarageBand and eventually Logic Pro. I made my first mixtape in 2012 and it was called Mentality. It was poor quality but I still enjoyed it at the time. I’ve been getting into Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Tyler the Creator, and MF Doom over the years and I wanted to replicate something like that. When I left high school I wanted to work on my next project. I went through a very hard breakup and wanted to share the pain and anger I felt. This mixtape was called Dark Dreams and Depressing Nightmares and was released August 18, 2015. I took a long break from Music and wanted to focus on myself. I wanted to make an album in 2017 but never did just because I wasn’t ready. I was really depressed for a very long time until late December, I finally found some sort of happiness with my family and friends. Around May of 2018, I finally decided to get back to the music and wanted to create something different from my other music. I wanted to incorporate my guitar playing with my music. I wanted to stand out from the usual crowd.

How did you choose your stage name?

I kept my artist name just my first name because not a lot of people have heard that name so I found it interesting and funny. If you ever find another Jheron, let me know.

Do you write your own music? Can you tell us a bit about your writing style?

I’d like to describe my music as “Relatable and Dramatic.” I do write all of my songs and I like to keep my music simple with a complex melody. When I write I usually always play the beat or melody over and over until I find a muse. I got line by line while also maintaining the meaning behind the song. My best ideas come at 4-5 in the morning so I always have my phone and laptop next to me.

We’re really into your new song! Can you tell us a bit about it? Where did the inspiration behind the song come from?

Get Ready is a song that prepares you for what’s coming in whatever situation you’re in. Everything isn’t easy so it’s best to get ready for it. The Jazz sections and crazy distortions also implicates how music has changed over the years. It also gets you prepared for the rest of the music on my upcoming album. 

What’s next for you?

I am currently working on my next album called “Alone on the Dance Floor.” It will be released October 31st digitally, and will be have exclusive CDs on November 9th. There will also be a very special Vinyl package (there will only be one!) that comes with a Vinyl, a CD, and free tickets to my next shows for a year. I’m currently planning a huge music event with local artists and will announce sometime next month.

Connect with Jheron on social media:

Soundcloud: Soundcloud.com/Jheron-1

Instagram: Instagram.com/jheronstaley