Los Angeles Based Duo AALTA Blows Us Away New Song “Borrowed Time” Ft. Desi Valentine

AALTA the Los Angeles based production/writing duo of Daniel Pashman and Grammy award winner Rich Jacques and Desi Valentine just released their new single “Borrowed Time” a cutting edge, thunder-like single that will be sure to create all the right waves for this dynamic pair. “Borrowed time” instrumental is interesting to hear because it doesn’t sound so computerized. A norm for artists these days. You can hear the various different instruments playing in the background but the most noticeable and affective will be the scorching dope sound of the Trumpet. This gives the single a groovy, soulful funk flare that’s blended with its pop production outfit. The vocals are immensely incredible because the wide range displayed was inevitable to the song success.

“Borrowed Time” is a song that has a bold and radiant atmosphere with a sensation of merriment. I like how I can hear the potential of this song connecting to a more mainstream audience rather than their indie fan base. They collectively sound well together and the idea of teaming up and bringing two powerhouse artists together to meticulously create jams was ineluctable for success. This song is a full on smasher! And their voices are both striking and nonetheless profound. Check out “Borrowed Time” for yourself and be sure to get ready to be overwhelmed by sensationalism!

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