Los Angeles Rock Band Chainflower Releases New Song 'The Fever'

Chainflower is a hard alternative rock band with influences that range from Led Zeppelin to Black Sabbath and from Iggy pop to The Pretty Reckless. The band is acclaimed by press such as the seminal College Music Journal and I am entertainment magazine. Originating from Los Angeles, California, the group was formed from the Sex tapes and Ultraject and had originated from Wheeler’s roots and recorded projects in studios in LA (one of them being “the sex tapes”). They are known to have a raw sound with their intense vocals, and instrumentals that reminiscent of 80’s punk rock.

“The Fever”, comes off as a grungy track with its melancholy, angsty tone of heavy guitars and drums. The listener can hear the Led Zeppelin ever so slightly along with Black Sabbath with the guitar riffs and melody of the chorus. The song has a nice buildup and drums with its unique up keep tempo. It has the right amount of distortion and the bridge to the chorus has a very smooth transition that the listener may be unaware of how far the song has already progressed. It has a very catchy melody to the chorus and has the contrast of both verses and chorus when taken into a whole perspective. Overall a good song and artist to add to your playlist when you are in the mood for some good music to jam to.

Listen to 'The Fever' below!