Los Angeles Singer Songwriter Alicia Sky Releases Her New Song "Turn The Sky Blue"

Alicia Sky is an independent pop singer songwriter currently signed with AWAL who grew up in Northeastern Pennsylvania , lived in Israel for a year and now resides in sunny Los Angeles. Catch this! Her single “Hottie” was recently featured on an episode of MTV’s hit reality series “Siesta Key” and she also opened up for Ryan Cabrera at the Iconic whiskey a GoGo in Hollywood! Alicia Sky's impressive track record with her musical journey so far we were not surprised her new single “Turn The Sky Blue” would be anything less than a smashing hit record and success! With similar likes of #TaylorSwift, #CarlyRaeJepson and #KatyPerry - Alicia Sky represents her own unique spin on pop music. “Turn The Sky Blue” is the perfect example of a product of good talent and star potential. With a trendy and current op instrumental, Alicia Sky has the ability to create a tenacious and feel good song that sticks to all the roots of pop music. It’s the standard of great eccentric and free-spirited hit records the music industry needs at this day of age! She has an amazing vocal tone and resonance to her voice. If you ever needed an artist and song that can connect with your happy emotions but let off a spirit of independence then Alicia Sky’s “Turn The Sky Blue” is a must add to your playlist! And if you don’t believe us you can hear it for yourself!

Listen to Alicia Sky's new single "Turn The Sky Blue".

Hi Alicia! Care to introduce yourself to our readers?Can you give us a brief history of your musical career?

Thanks so much for the interview! I'm Alicia Sky.  I'm an independent pop singer/songwriter from LA, originally from Kingston & Drums, Pennsylvania. I've been writing since I was 7 and moved to LA when I was 19 to pursue music. I've been making music videos the last 3 years and wrote and recorded 40 original songs in the past 2 years. This year I signed with AWAL, and my song "Hottie" was featured on MTV's Siesta Key. I also just started to direct, produce and style my own music videos.  I recently performed at the world famous Whisky A Gogo on the sunset strip and opened for Ryan Cabrera. 

I love everything about being an artist and trying new things.  I recently started becoming really into makeup and I do my own makeup for projects usually. It truly is an art.  I've also been a vegan/vegetarian for the last 10 years.  You can see all my music videos on my YouTube channel: Alicia Sky. You can stream my music on Spotify, Apple Music and everywhere else where you can find music. 

How did you come up with your name? Is there a meaning behind it?

My last name is difficult to pronounce and I came up with a list of potential last names.  One day I was driving down Robertson in Beverly Hills and asked the universe to help me pick a name and to show me a sign.  Within one minute, I look to my right and see a sign that says Sky Boutique and I thought to myself, wow, that's perfect!! It's just a shortened version of my real last name, with a y instead of an i.  So it makes sense to do the switch.  And I've always loved everything celestial related: moons, stars and sunsets,  So it fit me and the imagery in my writing style perfectly. 

Do you write your own music? Can you tell us a bit about your writing style?

I write lyrics and melodies. When I write I usually hear a melody in my head and there's some hint of words in there.  So I play around with words to see what fits in the structure with the most impacting words hitting the catchiest part of the melody so it sticks and flows. Then I'll record it into my voice memo on my phone and type in lyrics in my notepad.  Then I'll sing it or send it to my producer/ writing partner and he'll create a track and then we'll finish the whole project in his studio.  

My writing style has a lot of visual imagery with nature, colors and celestial bodies. My writing is like my diary.  I use my real life experience and emotions to come up with my songs. It's like therapy to me.  The best way for me to deal with a situation is to put it into a song and then I can finally detach myself from it, gain a new perspective and move on.  I always say turn your broken heart into art. 

Love you new song "Turn The Sky Blue"! Can you tell us a bit about it? Where did the inspiration behind the song come from?

I wrote the first half of the song after a singer-songwriter's retreat in Ojai 2 years ago.  I was in a funk.  Nothing was new and exciting to me anymore and was starting to feel a bit jaded. I went on this amazing retreat in nature with 20 other artists/writers and was filled with a new well of inspiration and wrote it the day after I got home.  Then I brought it to my producer and we finished the song together.  It's about living in a gray, neutral world when all of a sudden a new love interest comes into your life and turns your world upside down, and you're living in vibrant color again. It's been remixed by 3 different producers and got featured on a huge music blog, Cassiopea, with 400k views currently and climbing 

What are three things you’d love your fans to know about you?

1. I believe my purpose here is to spread love, light and inspiration with the world.  I can't think of anything else I'd rather do.  My Jewish name Gavriella Meirah actually means "strength through light". 

2. I started out as a very small town girl in rural Drums, Pennsylvania and studied abroad in Israel for my first year of college and then moved to LA by myself & continued school from there that I funded on my own. 

3. I used to miss days of my senior year of high school traveling to NYC and Florida to audition for Disney projects.  That was my childhood dream.  It's not anymore though. I didn't care about academics in school, I was just obsessed with the arts: musical theatre, choir, dance, painting.  I did 16 years of gymnastics and I was also a co-captain of my HS cheer leading squad. 

What’s next for Alicia Sky?

My new music video for Turn the Sky Blue that I directed is out in the next couple of weeks and my album will be out soon too! 

I'd love to go on a European tour. 

I'll continue to keep writing and recording and sharing my music with the world.

Connect with Alicia Sky on social media:

Website: www.aliciasky.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/aliciaskymusic

Facebook: www.facebook.com/aliciaskymusic

YouTube: www.youtube.com/aliciaskymusic