Los Angeles Singer-Songwriter Tyler Allred Showcases His Freeing Sound Within His Latest Work

If you aren't already familiar with the music stylings of Tyler Allred, it's about time you start listening! As a Los Angeles based singer/songwriter, Tyler Allred hones in on his vulnerabilities and mistakes, using them to drive his inner creativity as a musician and music artist. What you see is what you get with Tyler Allred, and he only brings forth authenticity to his listeners. He's the kind of artist whose authenticity clearly emulates from his vocal sound, and so we aren't fooled by a fabricated version of Tyler. 

Tyler's most recent work highlighted on BuzzMusic was titled "Get Well Soon". The track was configured in a way that contrasted from Tyler's recent creations. Tyler Allred decided to collaborate in order to write the lyrical portion of the song, as he realized that he needed a little extra help to execute the exact vision he'd designed in his mind. Tyler Allred infuses his music with a purpose and hopes that listeners extract the eclectic meanings of his tracks in a somewhat easy fashion. Each and every time we've listened to Tyler Allred, or came across his music naturally, we feel an instant source of rejuvenation, as we've always viewed his music and vocal tone as curative. Although Tyler is the type of artist to release content slowly and methodically, his steady strategy only allows us to appreciate his music that much more. 

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