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Lose Yourself In The Ambiance of Unregistered User's Recent Hit

Chicago-based producer and creative Unregistered User defy the laws of genre conformation with each tune, especially his recent hit, "The Loner's Codex," off his 13-track album, 'Caged City.'

The underrated underground producer never fails to push the boundaries of what hip-hop can be. He's also known for tying in various other genres and their elements into his versatile tunes. Striving to touch the minds of listeners, Unregistered User's artistic project came to life after wanting to represent the person he always wanted to be.

Recently releasing his 13-track album, 'Caged City,' Unregistered User wowed us with the project's versatility and dynamic sonic atmospheres. A substantial representation of what to expect from the album is the project's third track, "The Loner's Codex," which embodies elements from various genres to make for a soothing and mind-lingering listening experience.

Hitting play on the track "The Loner's Codex," we're met with spacey background pads and two samples of a Japanese and English-speaking man, both of which set the song's moody and intense tone. As Unregistered User's beat begins to expand, he drops us into a moody and sultry sonic space where our focus is set on the crisp lo-fi drum patterns and spacey background pads.

As he continues to melt our speakers with his intricate and soul-softening sonics, Unregistered User gives us this ultimate sensation of what it feels like to drive through the city lights on a rainy fall evening. This is the perfect track to introduce yourself to Unregistered User's sound, as it's just as dynamic as the rest of his versatile discography.

Lose yourself in the vibe of Unregistered User's recent hit, "The Loner's Codex," and find the rest of his album 'Caged City' on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Unregistered User. We're deeply impressed with the sonic versatility you've placed into your recent hit, "The Loner's Codex." What inspired this track in particular?

The inspiration behind The Loner’s Codex stems from the concept of social anxiety. This song is meant to exemplify the struggle that many people in the world go through on a daily basis as well as the societal perceptions and misconceptions of people who may not be living the lives they want to live.

What sort of vibe or atmosphere did you want to provide with the sonics and production in “The Loner’s Codex?"

The Loner’s Codex is meant to present a smooth and more reflective and psychedelic Boombap vibe to illuminate the narrative at hand. In addition to the use of vocal samples, we see a cohesive and trance-like feel throughout the track from start to finish.

How does “The Loner’s Codex” fit into the concept and vibe of your 13-track album, 'Caged City?'

In terms of the sonic aesthetic, it exemplifies, the album stemmed from an idea that it’s meant to be a mental and literal journey that the listener takes while listening. The Loner’s Codex plays a significant role in the progression the storyline takes as it depicts the life of Unregi as he and the viewer enter Caged City seeking refuge.

How does your album 'Caged City' help listeners get to know you better? Would you say that this album is a solid representation of the music you create?

I would like this project to depict to my listeners that I am very versatile in terms of my genre selection and production. Caged City is very important to me as it exemplifies a lot about my personal life but not only that, sonically I would like to let the industry know that I am still growing but also a force to be reckoned with.


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