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Lose Yourself in Yael Santé's Angelic Stylings in, "Don't Take Me Home"

The Atlanta-based r&b/neo-soul artist and singer-songwriter Yael Santé highlights the passionate single, "Don't Take Me Home," off her three-track EP, 'Miles In Between.'

Yael Santé has often been compared to acts like Amy Winehouse and Adele through her rich, soulful, and powerful vocals. That said, Yael Santé always manages to bring forward unique and raw elements that make her sound completely and utterly authentic.

Fuelling her music with raw storytelling and organic tones, listeners can get a solid glimpse of the music Yael Santé creates through her recent hit, "Don't Take Me Home," off the EP, 'Miles In Between.' When creating the project, Yael Santé mentioned that she was inspired by melodies she conjured while stuck in Atlanta traffic and reflecting on themes, approaches, and concepts to provide listeners with this time around.

Jumping into the single, "Don't Take Me Home," the song peacefully opens with warm r&b-inspired keys, a downtempo drumbeat, and Yael Santé's soulful vocal stylings. While she begins emphasizing themes like feeling restless when thinking about someone special, Yael Santé later transitions into the uplifting and sultry hook where she's met with glittery effects and sparkling keys.

As she continues touching on feeling captivated and swooned by that special someone, Yael Santé makes her way back to the pre-chorus, where she's accompanied by staccato keys that drench us in the sweet grooves of neo-soul. As the song comes to a heartfelt and sensual close, we're also met with a low synth melody that drives the low end alongside Yael Santé's fluttery background vocals.

Allow Yael Santé to remind you of pure passion through her latest single, "Don't Take Me Home," and find the rest of her three-track EP, 'Miles In Between,' on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Yael Santé. We're honestly swooned by the groove and feel of your latest soulful single, "Don't Take Me Home." What inspired you to create this single in the first place?

I wrote “Don’t Take Me Home” at the height of the Covid pandemic last year in May. I had recently moved to Atlanta and ended up being at an apartment that I couldn’t stand being at. With the shelter in place regulations, I was stuck inside like everyone else and was watching all the hate in this world come to light across social media. I found myself feeling stuck in the frustration of not being able to go out and being somewhere I hated.

How did you manage to achieve such a fluid, groovy, and sultry tone for your single, "Don't Take Me Home?” Did you work alongside any producers/musicians for this piece?

For the entire ‘Miles In Between’ project, I worked with producer and artist Joshua “Josh2800” Bryant. We worked over Facetime and as I was writing this ep, I sent him my vocals with nothing behind them and asked him if he could create what I was hearing in my head. Josh has as well been so much fun to work with, he always sees my vision and helps me execute exactly that. Specifically for “Don’t Take Me Home” it all started with the line “I’ve been missin’ church on Sundays.” I had the melody in my head and one night I spent time to just build on it and express what I was feeling. I really was missing church. Due to covid, I wasn’t able to go and missed experiencing the joy of praise and worship. Every day was the same just staying at home.

Seeing that the entire song touches on your passion and devotion to someone special, what inspired the song's title, "Don't Take Me Home?” Why wouldn't you want them to take you home?

I love that you guys caught this, I feel like it’s something a lot of listeners miss. In the chorus, I’m directly referencing a time when my boyfriend was driving me home and I told him “Don’t take me home, I want to stay at your place.” Like I mentioned before, I hated where I lived and I found comfort at his place and just being in his space. It made me feel like I could get through the pandemic because we had each other. The feeling is mutual, but that particular day he had to work on some mixes. Thinking back on it now, we laugh at the situation because I got so frustrated that he took me home. But, I got my way and moved in haha.

How does "Don't Take Me Home" fit into the vibe and theme of your EP, 'Miles In Between?'

For this entire EP, all of the stories behind the music came about when I was in the car. I don’t know what it is about driving, but melodies flood my mind when I’m on the road. In fact, this is why the EP is titled Miles In Between, to reference the space between point A and point B. Don’t Take Me Home fit perfectly, as the inspiration for that song literally began in my boyfriend’s Camry.

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