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Lost in a Memory Showcases a Pop/Punk Mastery in, "Class Dismissed"

Emmanuel Morales, better known as Lost in a Memory, is a solo music project that focuses on the quality of instrumentation, as well as the impact of affecting lyricism.

Beginning his work years ago, Lost in a Memory began releasing his own original music, which sparked the inspiration to only continue his versatile work. Putting an emphasis on video production, Lost in a Memory prefers to release subsequent music videos for his tracks, as the story is able to be told in a more elaborate and intimate way, and the same goes for his most recent release.

"Class Dismissed" is the latest offering from Lost in a Memory, and the track opens with striking guitar riffs and glides into an effortless early 00's production. The track falls in and out of pop/punk collections, focusing mainly on providing a catchy and intriguing storyline.

Lost in a Memory doesn't hold back in terms of effort, and you can feel the pure energy coasting through the entirety of the track. "Class Dismissed" follows along with the narrative of real-life tribulations, including some contemporary obstacles and mindsets. Lost in a Memory ensures quality and thorough experience, and "Class Dismissed" brought back a familiar, as well as reminiscent sound to the Pop-Punk era (of course, with a modern twist).

All in all, "Class Dismissed" shines the spotlight on Lost in a Memory and his innate ability to create flavorful music productions. 

Listen to "Class Dismissed" here.

What kind of ambiance were you working to project in "Class Dismissed?"

For Class Dismissed my goal was to produce an upbeat energetic pop-punk style song like the kind of music that used to pump me up when I was a teenager.  I’d like to think of it like Bowling For Soup meets Blink-182 meets A Day To Remember!  Basically, if you find yourself tapping your foot to it, banging your head or it gets stuck in your head then I did my job!

Were there any obstacles you encountered whilst undergoing the recording or writing stage of "Class Dismissed?" How often do you encounter blocks within your own music?

I actually wrote Class Dismissed back in 2013 a whole 7 years before I actually finished it and released it! It was actually called “High School Didn’t Suck That Bad” (I know, a terrible name) At the time I was writing darker and heavier music sort of in the style of Linkin Park and I wanted to do something different and upbeat.  One of the obstacles to overcome during the creation of the song was stepping out of my comfort zone to create something more light-hearted and fun as opposed to emotional and dark. 

The last big obstacle was re-writing the lyrics all these years later to make the song actually tell a cohesive story, re-recorded all the instruments, and man... that guitar solo is gnarly, I went through dozens of different solos until I composed and performed the one that you hear in the song! Writing bridges, solos, and endings to my songs is definitely something I have had to overcome every time I write any songs for sure!

How would you describe your current progress as a music artist, and ultimately how "Class Dismissed" plays into the progress?

Currently, I have found myself able to write and produce music more often and efficiently than in previous years.  I’m a bit of a perfectionist which is why I didn’t start releasing my music until a few years ago.  Class Dismissed was a turning point where I learned to enjoy the process rather than stress about what people are going to think.  I’m very proud of this song and the music video that I made with my friends!

Your first album is currently in the works, what can listeners expect from this album, especially considering it's the first album of some of your re-recorded singles?

I’m hoping to release my first full-length album sometime in early to mid-2021, it’ll be mostly made up of songs I’ve written in the past that have been sitting in my computer for years, there’s a lot of gems there! Just as the case was for “Class Dismissed” I’m going to re-work & re-record these songs to make a great first album!  

Most of the songs I’ve released up to this point will be in the album so if you’ve heard the stuff I put out the past few years then that’s what you can expect!  Though don’t get me wrong re-working older songs is awesome but I’m also writing and putting out brand new music including my newest song “Midnight Heartbreak”. The newer songs I’m writing are a different style from the older ones that I’m re-working and thus will not be on the 1st album... But.. You can expect the 2nd album very shortly after the first!  

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

2020 has been a year of a lot of challenges but also a lot of growth.  The pandemic definitely affected me from going out as much which is great because I can focus more on music.  I also went through a breakup recently which as much as it sucks to say has inspired some amazing song ideas including my newest song “Midnight Heartbreak” as well as some others that are in the works.  I’ve also been playing music in a band with my friends called Scorpio Szn so it’s been a year where I’ve done more music stuff than ever in my life!  I still have some great songs coming out in what’s left of 2020 so stay tuned! 



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