Lost In 'Eternity' With Richard Wadsworth

Richard Wadsworth is a force to be reckoned with in music. He began writing and composing music at the age of 19 and has since created over 1,300 songs and invented a new genre of music called ‘Renaissance’. His music models Christian-themed rock and roll and features angelic vocals with gentle electric guitar strums. He proclaims to sing like King David and play like Michelangelo paints. With over 10,000 organic plays a month, Richard Wadsworth’s sound is quickly catching on, making him one to watch on the music scene.

His new album "Eternity" is compiled of 77 songs that resemble poetry. Passionate about his music, Wadsworth created an intro to the album titled "Rock Symphony" that is over an hour long. Used as a main instrument, the electric guitar on "Eternity" carries us through subtle lows with songs like "The Lord" and crescendos on tracks like "Rock Renaissance". The sky is the limit for Richard has he continues his musical journey.

We had the pleasure of listening to all 77 songs on the album. Yup! We did it. We couldn't resist to hear such a creative journey unfold. The artistic creativity that Richard Wadsworth has put into this project is like none other. From the fist song to the last, you'll get totally lost in the sounds of 'Renaissance'. The instrumentals in each song are uniquely distributed and the vocals will take you on an emotional journey. The songs reflect a 'kick back and chill' vibe which we totally love! Richard has really outdone himself with this 77-song album and deserves our applause. We're looking forward to hearing more from Richard Wadsworth and anticipate that he will start a new musical trend for future artists to come.

Stream the album on Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2L6oCU8