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Lost Worlds Passionately Points Us Towards, “The Messenger”

Four-piece rock band with a dash of punk Lost Worlds release a bone-chilling and dizzying new single that boggles the mind entitled "The Messenger."

Lost Worlds are frontman Lee McRae (Vocals/Guitar), Fabian Orozco (Guitar/Vocals), Ian MacDonald (Bass), and David Solis (Drums). Set to release their highly anticipated album, The Human Experience, Lost Worlds are ready to take us on a journey through pre-mortal existence to our current existence as human beings.

With a sound that ranges from garage rock and grunge to punk and rock, Lost Worlds never leave listeners in a dull moment. They're giving the indie music scene and run for its money with engaging and dreamy new songs like "The Messenger." It's quite an emotional listening experience, tied together with Lost Worlds' lush instrumentals and exceptional lyrical content.

Diving into "The Messenger," the song slowly begins with soft acoustic instrumentals and McRae's slightly raspy delivery reminiscent of 60s Beatles vocals. Lost Worlds slowly expand their instrumentals with pulsating keys, a dark bassline, beaming electric guitar melodies, and steady drum arrangements.

There's a sweetly nostalgic feel about this single, whether it's McRae's emotional punk-style vocal delivery or the instrumentals reminiscent of late 90s alternative grunge rock. Lost Worlds continue lifting us through the haze with their emotional melodies and equally pensive lyrics that sing about the messages we must receive and how we're never really alone in our dreams.

Drifting towards the outro, Lost Worlds gives it their all to win us over with such beautifully composed instrumentals and compelling lyrics that leave us questioning our mission on this plane of existence.

Lose yourself in Lost Worlds' deeply emotional yet soul-soothing new single, "The Messenger," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Lost Worlds. We appreciated every second of your reflective and emotional new single, "The Messenger." What was the main source of inspiration behind this personal and cinematic piece?

Hey BuzzMusic, thanks for having us. Well, what happened was one day, I got out of bed and picked up the guitar and found this strange chord, and the song fell out of that. It took as long as it does to listen to and to write, and I haven't found the chord in any other song yet. I hadn’t slept that night, and I was thinking about how strange dreams are. I was trying to remember a faded dream and was thinking about the times I’ve woken up disappointed because I didn’t finish what I was supposed to do in the dream and felt like I was letting someone down, but at the same time, I couldn’t remember what that was. What was your band's experience creating the dynamic instrumentals for "The Messenger?" I demoed the song in my room the day after I wrote it, and it came together very quickly. There are a bunch of things in this song that are a first for Lost Worlds. Double tracked vocals and strings, which were inspired by rock n roll from the 60s. My acoustic was turned down a step, so there are lower notes in this song to the rest of the album. Accompanied by a guitar in a different tuning and a hall of mirrors type melody in the background where your ear isn’t sure what note to listen to. Making this dreamy sound.

What did that process look like between the four of you? We kept the original demo as the final track and recorded the band over that at Davids's (Drummer) house. We had to stop recording on occasion as the mics would pick up the noise from the neighbors. One pressure cleaning the driveway, and the other mowing the lawn. So, it took all day to do. Were there any emotional obstacles in the way when creating "The Messenger?” Yeah, at the time, the band was facing the impossible task of making an album on tape. I felt that creatively that's how the music was supposed to be recorded; I also wanted the band to record live in a room together. Turns out that it costs a lot of money, and there aren’t a lot of studios that still do it. We were facing covid lockdowns, and it was a confusing time. We decided to just go ahead and record ourselves. During this time, an opportunity opened up. Angus from Glasshouse Studios contacted us through our bass player Julio. He got a tape machine and invited us to try it out. We had almost given up on the tape idea, so we booked the studio for a day. On that day, we recorded and mixed a song, and I felt it was the best recording Lost Worlds had done. So, from there, we decided to record the album on tape. The Messenger, along with the intro track and mid-album interlude, was recorded by us digitally. Because they’re in different realms, we used the songs recorded on tape to represent this reality. At the time of recording The Messenger, we had to step out in faith and make a move. Because our first album was a D.I.Y, it’s a nice segway to our new album.

What was the most challenging part about making this personal piece? Recoding the band at Davids's place with his neighbors making a bunch of noise, one pressure cleaning the driveway and the other mowing the lawn. Besides that, this song was effortless to make. My inner critic thinks maybe I didn’t try hard enough, but it’s easy to overthink things, and sometimes it's better to leave a song alone. What life moments or themes will you present on your forthcoming album, 'The Human Experience?' It faces the major things we face in life. It turned out to be a concept album from our pre-mortal existence to a walkthrough of life, facing our major hurdles and truths, and ultimately facing death. Facing life, finding your calling, messages through dreams, intuition, mind games, a story about picking up a hitchhiker who turned out to be a harlot, conscious awareness, love and loss, a love letter to a true friend, pressing the pause button on life and looking around at this crazy existence, facing the past and finally facing death. So we no longer have to go outside and experience anything; we can now stay inside and just listen to this album. What is your goal with the upcoming album? The goal was to be real as possible, making the best music we can. The music came to me very freely. They are the most personal songs I've written, and though there are some dark topics, I like to think that I'm facing them from the perspective of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I felt more of my attention was on pulling these songs off. I had a moment as a music fan post our first album. I listened through The Beatles catalog and music by The Beach Boys, I thought to myself it would be the best thing ever if a band would just be a Rock n Roll band. If they were to record live together and have songs that capture the energy of life. My inner voice, who has the essence of Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh, said, " Well, why don't you do it. And that more or less has been the quest. I want you to feel this album when you hear it, feel the pressure of the drums and guitar amps, and feel the energy of the band. I think we accomplished that and made what we set out to do. What's next for you?

Playing live, living. There’s an album at the back of my mind slowly taking shape that I’m itching to dive into. But right now, for us playing live is our top priority. We want to meet the people and blow their minds with our rock. Speaking like my teacher Ned Schneebly.

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