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Lotta Wenglén & Anders Thorén Dive Into the “Blackest Hole on Earth”

From Malmö, Sweden, singer-songwriter and dynamic recording artist Lotta Wenglén teams up with the serene stylings of Anders Thorén for their hopeful new single, "Blackest Hole On Earth."

Lotta Wenglén began her career as a nine-year-old with a guitar in her lap. Since then, she's never felt more at home than creating slick country music with dashes of punk and pop. With each release, Lotta Wenglén strives to create something different, something she and listeners have never heard before.

The Swedish recording artist blesses our ears with perhaps the most meaningful and relatable song in her entire discography, "Blackest Hole On Earth." Alongside artist Anders Thorén, she sings grim yet hopeful lyrics of the recurring image of a hearse passing by after a friend's passing.

She looks at the hearse as a symbol of power, warmth, and burning commitment to loving those who pass on. "Search no more for the blackest hole; look for the cracks of light in your soul. You might be the nearest rock for someone to lean on," says Wenglén.

Diving into the "Blackest Hole On Earth," we're met with uplifting folk instrumentals that shine a radiant light through our speakers. As Anders Thorén and Lotta Wenglén begin serenading us in their harmonious vocal duet, they paint emotional pictures that encourage us to steer away from fearing death and instead live life without worry.

The song's instrumentals and melodies are incredibly tender, and they do an amazing job of offering a sonic shoulder to cry on. As both artists continue singing about how we humans yearn to be immortal souls, they remind us that we all have to face the blackest hole on earth at some point. Until then, we must look up and enjoy what's around us while we still can.

Allow Lotta Wenglén and Anders Thorén to move you with their meaningful and emotional new single, "Blackest Hole On Earth," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Lotta Wenglén. We're very grateful to hear such a moving and emotional single like "Blackest Hole On Earth." What inspired you to write a song about living life and not fearing death?

Thanks for having me! I think that a friend's passing triggered me to write the song. I was reacting to people around me that found trouble and difficulties in the smallest things. While everyone was unsatisfied with their lives, me included, one of us was dying. For real, in cancer. She had two kids and a wife and was in so much pain before letting go. I thought that we shouldn't seek the darkness around us since it's here anyway, a breath away.

What made you want to work alongside Anders Thorén for "Blackest Hole On Earth?" What does he bring to the table that you wanted to feature?

I had listened to Anders' band Wildie for a long time, and when this song came to me, I immediately thought of him and his wonderful voice. I'm glad he wanted to join me in this duet on vocals, piano, and accordion.

What was your songwriting process like for "Blackest Hole On Earth"? Was it rather emotional, or did your words flow with ease?

I must admit that I cried at times while writing this song. Not because I was moved by my own words, but rather because my friend was in every line. I revisited the pain of losing someone and thought about her and her loved ones.

What was the core message you wanted listeners to pick up on when hearing "Blackest Hole On Earth?" What did you want them to think or realize?

Life is short, and you should try to look up and see the good things around you.

What's next for you?

To play some live shows and finish recording my EP. I also have a duo with Måns Wieslander called Blind Lake, and I'm releasing our new single "Smoke Rose Up" at my own label on July 1, followed by an EP later this year. I will release music with my instrumental project WATERBODY at the end of this summer. These releases were put on hold during the pandemic, but now it's all happening!


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