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Lotus Kay Puts Her ‘Feelings On Display,’ A Beautifully Crafted Debut Album

The singer-songwriter, vocalist, and dynamic recording artist Lotus Kay releases an abundance of emotion with her debut 6-track album entitled 'Feelings on Display.'

Lotus Kay's music isn't the only intriguing factor about her; she's also a writer and author published in various media outlets like Kindness Magazine, Thrive Global, New Leaves, Light of Consciousness Voya: Voice of Youth Advocates, and more.

Recently releasing her debut album, 'Feelings on Display,' listeners are able to introduce themselves to Lotus Kay's unique sound as she quite literally puts her feelings on display for the world to hear and experience. We're impressed with the authentic feel of this album, as it's truly like nothing you've ever heard before.

Hitting play on the album, we're welcomed into the introductory track, "Heartbreaker Boy," which opens with a snazzy drum beat and bright electric guitar melodies alongside a plucky bassline and Lotus Kay's raw and emotional vocals. As she begins to enlighten listeners on her experience with turbulent love, we move over into the hook where Lotus Kay merges genres like grunge, pop, and alt-rock with her captivating instrumentals and equally engaging vocal performance. We love this track's passionate and anthemic feel, as it's the perfect way to kickstart the project.

Moving into the next track, "Little Miss Rebellious," we feel a compelling ballad coming on, especially as the song opens with a melancholy piano melody that moves into the first verse. As Lotus Kay makes her vocal appearance, she begins to peacefully sing the tale of little miss rebellious, who's constantly told to follow the rules and not make a scene. We love the empowering feeling of this track, especially as Lotus Kay's vibrant instrumentals pick up the energy and passion on the hook to demonstrate the trials and tribulations of someone who was constantly put in the background.

Onto track number three, "Droppin' Like Flies," this song opens with a brighter piano melody and Lotus Kay's rhythmic vocal performance. As she begins to merge genres like hip-hop, alternative, and jazz, we feel this refreshing sensation grace our speakers once we meet with the chilling hook. As Lotus Kay continues to sing of the haters dropping like flies, she makes it clear that she couldn't care less about those who attempt to bring her down. We adore the attitude and sass that Lotus Kay delivers in this track, as it puts her on the map as a force to be reckoned with.

Passing the album's halfway point with "Dirty Little Secret," this song opens on a more haunting and alluring note with plucky electric guitar melodies and radiant background pads. As we drift into the verse, an array of keyboard and synth melodies drench our speakers in passion and lust, especially once Lotus Kay's vocals appear. She proceeds to hold our hands and take us into an alluring sonic atmosphere that's equally matched with her whispery and airy vocal stylings that sing a desirous and mysterious message. This song might just be our favorite off the album, as it serves equal amounts of passion and revenge for a gripping experience.

Spicing up the album's energy is the fifth track, "Irrelevant Information," which opens with Lotus Kay's lively vocal portrayal right off the bat. Accompanied by a smooth acoustic guitar, Lotus Kay jumps into her lyrics surrounding not caring about the irrelevant information given by others. As the upbeat piano melodies and warm drum breaks begin to bounce through our speakers, Lotus Kay moves and grooves with her rhythmic vocal approach while blocking out the negativity and powerfully emphasizing how she lives her life unapologetically.

Landing on the album's final and outro track, "Rule The World," the song opens with a warm and nostalgic keyboard melody that drops into a powerful and mysterious atmosphere. Lotus Kay later sings of feeling sick of the haters who bring her down and attempt to tell her what to do. On the hook, Lotus Kay reminds us not to worry because one day, she'll be ruling the world with her powerful, conceptual, and authentic tunes. As she makes her way to the song's end, Lotus Kay leaves us feeling inspired to live life how we want to and steer away from those who try to bring us down.

Do yourself a favor and get your dose of inspiration from Lotus Kay's debut album, 'Feelings on Display,' now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Lotus Kay! Congratulations on the release of your debut album, 'Feelings on Display.' What inspired you to write and create this dynamic project?

A lot of the songs on this particular album I wrote when I was pretty young, going all the way back to 13. And it was what I needed to write to get through the times I was going through needing to build my own confidence.

Did you work with any producers or musicians to help navigate the sonics and instrumentals within 'Feelings on Display?'

Yes, I worked with a local musician and mentor. We figured out a cool way to make the music, although I didn’t have a traditional way of writing songs, I don’t really play an instrument, just with the lyrics and melodies I came up with, we found a cool way of matching it with production.

What was it like writing your lyrics for the songs in 'Feelings on Display?' Was it easy for you to put your 'Feelings on Display?'

Well, the first draft is always for you first. So saying exactly how I felt was easy for me when the songs are for myself. As for putting them out, I had a lot of fear, but once it was out it suddenly became a lot easier to start sharing now that I’ve done it.

If you could describe the overall sound and genres within 'Feelings on Display,' what would you say?

Pop, since I love catchy hooks, and since I’m a lyricist and most focused on the lyrical aspect of my music, it makes it so you can hear some rap elements, sort of a slam poetry thing. And you can hear some R&B elements since I like to keep everything within the rhythm, as well as classic singer-songwriter elements. Even a bit alternative indie, because it’s not trying to be any particular set genre. A lot of people have a sound they are going for, “I want it to be this genre, sound like this person.” For me I just let it be its own thing.

Is there a song on 'Feelings on Display' that's the most personal to you and closest to your heart?

Probably Little Miss Rebellious. It definitely tells a bit of my own story and I hope it can relate to other people's. I was a really shy kid and it’s a song about breaking out of your shell and speaking your truth. And it’s something definitely personal to me and my journey.


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