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Louie Jay Released His Latest Single “From da dirt”

Louie Jay is a rapper from New Jersey, well-known for his cleverness and lyrical aggression. The way he tells his stories through his raps is definitely a gift. With his mother out of the picture, battling her drug addiction, Louie Jay was raised by his grandmother in a 3 bedroom apartment alongside 12 children and 5 adults. At the young age of 13, Louie Jay was initiated into the gang “The Grape Street Crips” , a gang located in the Watts neighbourhood of Los Angeles, California. Throughout the years he turned his gang knowledge into his religion and, gang banging, selling narcotics became the way of life for him. Louie has had numerous run ins with the law. There is one moment that changed his life forever, and that was being arrested for suspicion of murder. After having a conversation with his cousin “G-hop”, Louie decided to put his energy into music. Louie Jay has multiple musical influences ranging from DMX, Tupac, and Jay-Z, who he felt put on for their culture while remaining true to their artistry. This is exactly who Louie Jay is. In 2012, his first streaming project came out called “God Felt.” Since then Louie Jay has released other projects like “G.O.D or Greatness Over Death” “The Gospel” and “GOD 2”. In 2018, it was a busy year for Louie Jay. He released 11 videos and 2 albums entitled “07111 The Gang Tape” & “Goals” which has guest features from Brooklyn’s own Maino and fellow Jersey native Tsu surf.

Now, Louie Jay is here with his latest release titled “From da dirt”. This song is great because it relates to those who come from the similar background of Louie Jay, the street and poverty life. Louie Jay relates to those from the urban upbringing while delivering an energetic heat that they can dance along too and even play at their local functions, or just riding around blasting it on their stereo. Louie Jay is a product of his environment who is using music as an outlet to tell his story. He tells his personal journey in “From da dirt” while remaining committed to his passion and finding balance in making a radio hit feel true! An authentic rapper like his influences, “From da dirt” paves the way for the struggling stories that listeners who relate ,would need a voice for their struggles and life obstacles. But who likes feeling depressed, downright sad, and melancholic all the time? Instead, Louie Jay serves as the voice of the “hood” while maintaining an up-beat and outgoing charisma in this record. “From da dirt” will translate well across those from various backgrounds due to the raw and uncut lyrics with a fire delivery, and aggressive rap flow delivered with an intense rapid strike!

Listen to “From da dirt” here and get to know more about Louie Jay below!

In what ways, has your upbringing served beneficial for your artistry today?

As a young Kid I was raised in a 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment with 13 people... Also born to a teen mom and never met my father until 18 I was left to figure it out on my own.. With my mom being and Addict and me the oldest of 4 younger siblings as I got older I had figure out how to help feed & cloth my family so I sold drugs, got a job and did what ever I could to make sure we was good.. Being that in my early teens I was in a foster home n my siblings were with there father I had to reinvent myself and figure out ways to never quit.. And I bring that same drive & intensity to the music & the business.....

Tell us about your record “From Da Dirt” and the theme behind it!

I wrote from the dirt maybe 4 years earlier and I also thought it was a cool record but my Business part The Homie G.L. been telling me for years that, that was the record.. Years later I finally listened to him we made some changes to the record to amplify it and now it’s doing well.. I’m happy I listen to him.. The theme behind the record was coming from nothing now celebrating the moments of success.. Went from wanting to shoot at people to shooting at my goals, dreams and other ambitions..

What inspired you to write this?

The beat called for it and it was perfect for the moment.. Coming from where I was in my life To standing on couches fucking the club up lol..

What are some challenges you’ve faced in your music career so far, Louie? And how did you overcome them?

The biggest challenge in my career and life was simple balancing the streets and the music. And I had to grow and Understand who I am.. that jail time, friends dying, and all the other madness was the result of how I was living my life.. Gang banging and treating women like they weren’t human spilled back on my plate.. You know “You get out what u put in” Theory... The only way to change was to remove certain people,places,and things once I did that and focused in on the music things are finally starting to look up

What’s next for you through 2019?

The “From Da Dirt” Video dropping soon & We Putting together a string of concerts and also dropping my Next Project Entitled “DIVORCED” also where going to put out some collaborative Merch from the Fly Youngins Brand once me and G.L. figure out the details. Vee has his own marketing firm (Austin Enterprises) aswell so we gone see how we can all further that situation aswell... Besides that more houses & business for the rest of the year..


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